Shooting a Macklemore Concert from the Pit, POV Video With Photog Commentary

Photographer Jared Polin recently had the opportunity to photograph the musician Macklemore in concert. Fortunately, instead of just shooting the three song set and moving on with his life, he brought his GoPro along to give interested photographers a taste of what it’s like taking photos from the pit at a packed out concert.

He put the above video together afterwards, adding his own commentary to give us some perspective of what exactly was going through his head as he tried to line up the perfect shot.

Like the POV street photography video we shared earlier this week by photographer Eric Kim, this video gives those interested in concert photography a great first person look at what it would actually be like. It’s the little things, like having to deal with the monitors in your way, constantly swapping lenses, and that annoying guy with his iPhone that you don’t think about until you’ve actually been there and done it.


Over the course of a three song set (maybe 14 minutes in all) Polin wound up shooting 240 images, clicking away with the Canon 1D X’s super-fast burst capabilities and swapping occasionally between the 24-70mm f/2.8II and the 70-200mm f/2.8II he brought with him.

In addition to the POV video, which is very useful in and of itself, he also takes you through some of the finals in Lightroom, explaining his reasoning behind the keepers and throw-aways. It’s a great, in-depth look at the work that goes into a concert shoot, especially when you’re limited to a 3-song set.

To find out more about the experience, check out the video at the top or head over to Polin’s website Fro Knows Photo for more details.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Bt

    Honestly, I take everything Jared Polin says with a grain of salt…

  • Dave

    24 minutes of him explaining why he couldn’t get any good shots?

  • Genkakuzai

    Hipsterhop. Good message in his music though.

  • Bill

    Is that you Ken Rockwell?

  • Stefano Druetta

    fro doesn’t-know photo, right?
    he’s explaining all about the worst of being in the pit. so get out!
    he’s showing off against iphone shooters. eff-that, my iphone pictures are as good as my regular camera’s.
    he’s saying that canon’s way of changing lenses is “the opposite way that nikon goes”, but it’s the right way, you twist clockwise to lock it in, you unscrew to unlock it. what up, logic?

  • mo

    if you’re going to shoot a concert you should know something about the artist(s). in this case its a macklemore&ryan lewis show, and he just ignored ryan lewis. sure mackelmores the one up front but this is just ignorant.

  • bob cooley

    Nikon vs. Canon on changing lenses, its just like which direction the manual focus spins, there is no “right” or “wrong”, its just which system you are most acclimated to.

  • RBM

    Despite aiming to remain positive, there’s not much of value to be found in this video.

    It seems the era of the lengthy and somewhat hollow “GoPro in the hot-shoe” tutorial is upon us.
    A “pro” certainly wouldn’t go with a single body and multiple clumsy lens changes when the standard throughout the concert industry is that you get the first three songs, and then you get the boot from the pit. That’s not a lot of time, and every second counts.

    I question the value of linking to a video like this, the 24 minutes the viewer contributes to the process seemingly wasted.

    Seemed more like a strugle to incorporate an advertisement for the lens rental company than it did any sort of concert photography undertaking.

  • Stefano Druetta

    I’m afraid not, my friend.

    does any screw you can find, turn clockwise to tighten, right?
    so does each and every object with a screw thread, or anything that needs to be locked in place, right? certain cable locks, keys, jar caps, corkscrews,
    exception made for gas tubing, in EU, at least. right?
    so in our culture, if you need to turn something to tighten it, you might want to do it clockwise, then if you have to turn it anti-clockwise to lock it, you’re doing it in a way that’s against common sense. so it can be called wrong.

    sorry nikon, you made it “wrong”.. :D

    [just kidding. if I was right, no one would have any problems switching from nikon to canon.. but they are having the same issues I have going the other way around, so there’s no right nor wrong!]

  • socal shooter

    Concert photos, wow

  • David


  • Whatever

    Jesus man, talking 15 mins about taking really bad shots.
    Why would you not even walk around the pit to have better angles? Why one camera body and swapping lenses??? Bad photographer, that’s it. CRAP.