B&H Photo Brings Their Online Shopping Experience to the iPad with a New App


B&H Photo has had iPhone and Android apps for some time now, making it that much easier to browse through, learn about and purchase your photography gear from anywhere. And now, the superstore has announced the release of a brand new app designed specifically for the iPad.

The iPad app is designed to work with both retina and non-retina iPads, promising an “intuitive controls and smooth animations, complemented by a clean, uncluttered design.” The app will allow you to browse by category, search for specific items, peruse product photos and info, and even download and print users manuals and rebate forms where available.


According to B&H, the basic user interface has been designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. On the left, the app lists categories for you to select, which will animate further subcategories until you’ve reached the item of choice.

Once you’re in the product page itself, you’ll have your product photos on the left (which can be made full screen of course) and a selection of either highlights, product overview, specifications, customer reviews, or recommended accessories on the right. Actually purchasing a product can then be achieved by logging in to your B&H account and using credit cards, PayPal or Google Wallet.


Additionally, if you need any more help selecting a product, the app will also allow you to automatically jump into Apple Maps, marking the nearest B&H SuperStore for you, complete with address and phone number.

To learn more about the app, head over to B&H’s announcement page or pick up your free copy on iTunes App Store.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Apple Maps? Better watch out or you’ll end up in the Hudson.

  • Matt

    I shop B&H. But, I hate apps for web pages. I hate the clutter and they are always slower. Apps shoul be for applications that do something other than present a web page.

  • pete n pete

    Oh good, an app that won’t work from Friday to Saturday night.

  • Richard

    They’re not apps for web pages. They’re apps for their database. The apps aren’t serving web pages, they’re serving data from B&H’s product database. Personally, I’d rather use an app than a browser, it it works well. I’ve used their iPhone app to view my wishlist while walking through the store. It works very well.

  • Scott M.

    Only works on iPad with OS6. It laughed at my original iPad 1.0