Entire Story Told Through Reflections in an Eyeball

Last Saturday, we featured a creative music video by the band James Wallace and the Naked Light that was shot entirely in one take in the reflection of a fan’s eyeball. It was a wonderfully simple video and an approach we hadn’t seen before in a music video.

But shortly after featuring that video, we were told that a similar idea had actually been done before by the Italian band K-Conjog, when they made the award-winning video for their song Qwerty.


The video, which won several awards after debuting late last year, was produced and directed by Francesco Lettieri and tells the story of a couple from their innocent beginnings to what looks to be a violent end. Needless to say, Lettieri makes much more complex use of the technique, and the results speak for themselves.

Before you dive in, we’ll go ahead and warn you that there are a few risqué and violent reflections in the video. But if that doesn’t bother you, the video does a surprisingly good job of telling a compelling story, without ever training the camera directly on its subjects.

  • Jeremy Lawrence

    I saw the other video and thought it a wasted opportunity to do something quite interesting. Not only that, it was quite frankly boring and I ended up skipping through it to see if it progressed. It didn’t.
    This video however is completely captivating and kept me engaged all the way through.

  • Parag

    Theres something like this in the movie 3 colors Blue …
    p.s. it was made in 1993 almost 2 decades back by d legend kieslowski

  • Juan Alvarez

    this is the second realted post… now everybody will start to make macro-eyes-shoots

  • Skew

    If you Like heavy metal, check out Slayer’s Eye’s of the Insane. If you don’t like metal, check it out anyways and just mute the video. It’s not a full detailed story, but a story none-the-less, involving the military.

  • Fozzel

    One take…really?