An Instagram Generation: Go Behind the Scenes at an Instagram Meetup

We know that the Instagram community is alive, well, and more than 100 million strong, but until today, we had never heard of an Instagram meetup. Called Instameets, it seems that these meetups have been happening all over the country for a while now; and for a recent Instameet in Santa Monica, Instagrammer Ravi Vora decided to put together a mini-documentary to chronicle the experience.

About 115 prolific Instagrammers showed up to this Instameet. Most came toting iPads and smartphones, a few opted for DSLRs or rangefinders, and some even brought props with them. But whether they were a first-timer or an Instameet veteran like Vora, it looks like everyone had a good time meeting people and attaching faces and handshakes to usernames.


Vora is obviously passionate about Instameets and Instagram in general. He loves the concept of a community that is dedicated to inspiring each other through photos, and Instameets are a great way to meet a small slice of that massive user base. Even if you’re not a big Instagrammer though, it’s an opportunity to get some interesting snaps of some interesting people.

You can read more about Vora’s experience attending and documenting the April 13th Santa Monica Instameet here, or check out photos from the event by searching the #santamonica0413 hashtag.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Adam Cross

    I’m sure all those guys were expecting more girls to turn up ;D

  • AC

    They did a very good job making it emotional but I can’t help to feel a little bit cringy when watching it.

  • Igor Ken

    These are the kind of people I like on instagram, and I hate that the whole concept of inspiring others through everyday images is totally ruined by the overwhelming quantity of users who take pictures of their boobs in a mirror and they mcdonalds food.

  • Trythe1

    As a santa monica resident and a photo student at santa monica college, I’m so ashamed this place is getting flooded by these so called photographers:(
    If they met in Santa Monica they could have at least thought of something original, all the shots they took looked like the sea of images produced by the begining photo classes taken on the pier and down by the water, there is so much more to SM than the tourist flooded areas.

  • Papillon

    Oh my…:-(

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I thought PetaPixel was about photography, it seems I was wrong.

  • Steven Alan

    I don’t understand why Instagram gets a bad rap. This is what I like about it, it creates photography communities where people that are passionate about capturing their lives can share and collaborate. I think it’s great.

    However, I do wish the “Feature/Top photos” were based off something other than “Likes”.

  • gabe sturdevant

    No preview of photos taken?

    Maybe I missed the point of the video, but it felt like it was a film students final video project.

  • Chris B.

    i liked the video, but i don’t like people calling themselves photographers or even photography enthusiasts just by having an iPhone, or any other smartphone, just because instagram has gone viral. that’s just lame.

  • vinterchaos

    boobs can be inspiring! :p

  • Igor Ken

    totally agree with you hehe! but the whole concept of sharing photographs on instagram is often ridiculed because of the whole mirror-mirror-food-dog-food-mirror chain… then again, there’re amazing self-portraits projects, well lit and framed pictures of meals, and amazingly cute cats and dogs…

  • Igor Ken

    totally true, the top photos are usually the crappiest! go check instafocus, it’s an instagram based app that makes a selection of beautiful pictures based on photographic criteria!

  • Igor Ken

    I call myself photography enthusiast because I am enthusiastic about photography. What’s lame about it? :) people may have started being enthusiastic about it even before iPhones and Instagram …

  • vinterchaos

    Instagram lost me at people shooting photos with a DSLR and then putting them on their phone and uploading them to Instagram. Takes away from it all if you ask me.

  • Bob

    Want to be label as a true photo enthusiast? Shoot film; that’s where it all started and is the true process. Shooting with an iPhone and applying Instagram filters can only define you as a proud owner of an iPhone with a photo app, IMO.

  • Chris B.

    Don’t take it personally, I meant all those people that start with an iphone, generally with a phone camera, and stay on using a phone camera. I have sarted with a phone camera for simple stuff, but when i noticed that i liked taking pictures, i started having photography lessons, bought a (cheap) dslr, I even used film cameras, and I started caring more about photography as it is and not just take a picture and put on it tons of filters and stuff.
    Most of those Instagram people care more about what filters to use than the picture itself. That’s what is lame about instagram people, they are not even amateur photographers, they are just people with an expensive cellphone.

  • Igor Ken

    I get it now :) I didn’t start with a phone camera, I started with a bridge camera and then got into dslrs, and only then into iphoneography :) I don’t even have an expensive phone hehe, I get your point now thanks for explaining it :) take care!

  • Igor Ken

    I am not competing for a title with anyone, photography makes me happy and I shoot pictures with film, instant cameras, phones, ipods, ipads, kids toy cameras, advanced point and shoots, dslrs, blablabla, whatever is within reach of your hand is good to be inspired and inspire others, imho ^_^

    Remember, some people do it because they just love taking pictures, not everybody is competing for some sort of legit “true photographer” title :) photography is evolving and I wouldn’t go as far as to call people true~ or lame~ based on whether they are or are not fond of instagram or any other photo app…

  • Tiana Kai

    These meet-ups are extremely popular in Italy too! I went to an amazing one in Pisa where it was myself, a videographer and all the community managers from all over Italy. We attacked Pisa with full force, going on tours, seeing things besides the Leaning Tower (like Keith Haring’s mural and math museum)…

    It was incredible. And at the end we all got press passes to the annual regatta on the Arno River. It included two free nights at hotels downtown, meals and treats like organic gelato and chocolate.

    p.s. I’m TianaPix