A Sneak Peek of the Magical New Shake Reduction Tool Coming to Photoshop

The Internet let out a collective gasp back in October 2011 when Adobe gave an advanced preview of a crazy new image deblurring feature it has been working on. The feature can take a photo that’s blurry due to camera shake, calculate the movements that caused the blur, and “reverse it” to create a sharper photo.

It looks like the feature isn’t too far off now. Today Adobe released the above video that offers a sneak peek at what the tool actually looks like inside an upcoming version of Photoshop. Just as with the demo from two years ago, this video will drop many jaws.

Here’s how the tool is used: First, you open up a blurry photograph in Photoshop, and click the “Filter” menu:


You’ll see a new option under “Sharpen” called “Shake Reduction”:


Photoshop will then automatically determine an area of the photo it’ll use to crunch the deblurring information:


After some processing, the photograph is magically sharpened based on camera movement information determined from the blur patterns:



Here’s a before and after comparison of the video’s photo before and after deblurring:


Say hello to the future of fixing the blur caused by your shaky hands! There’s no word yet on when this tool will go public, but we’re guessing it’s not too far off now.

If you’d like to see some previous examples of deblurred photographs that were published by Adobe, check out a couple of our old posts here and here.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Lloyd!

  • Kraso Mez

    If this works as advertised it’ll help save many photos. For practical purposes alone, think of all the precious blurry photos parents have of their children (hopefully they haven’t deleted them!). I assume the tool will also allow use over selective areas in which case there could be some interesting creative uses.

  • Jonathon Watkins

    Part of me is excited about this new tool to rescue those moments we all have when we make a mistake. Part of me is dreading another lowering of the skills required to create a ‘good enough’ image.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Crap! I deleted all my blurry photos!

  • J. Gross

    Plus… cost is prohibitive for the average user unless it’s included in Elements….

  • John R

    From what I’ve seen of parents kiddie shots an Instagram removal filter will be more use. Stunning technology though.

  • JC

    I bet you the new update will only be part of Adobe Creative Cloud. It was predicted in the CS6 article from PhotoshopTutorials because they showed it at the Adobe MAX conference but people say it was synthetically blurred at first and deblurred later. But here’s what Adobe Max says:

    “UPDATE: For those who are curious – some additional background on the images used during the recent MAX demo of our “deblur” technology. The first two images we showed – the crowd scene and the image of the poster, were examples of motion blur from camera shake. The image of Kevin Lynch was synthetically blurred from a sharp image taken from the web. What do we mean by synthetic blur? A synthetic blur was created by extracting the camera shake information from another real blurry image and applying it to the Kevin Lynch image to create a realistic simulation. This kind of blur is created with our research tool. Because the camera shake data is real, it is much more complicated than anything we can simulate using Photoshop’s blur capabilities. When this new image was loaded as a JPEG into the deblur plug-in, the software has no idea it was synthetically generated. This is common practice in research and we used the Kevin example because we wanted it to be entertaining and relevant to the audience – Kevin being the star of the Adobe MAX conference!”

    Some deblurring tools exist already like the SmartDeblur by Yuzhikov but not at the same quality as the demos shown by Adobe.

  • BOB!!

    There is still plenty of edge definition in the original blurry shot & it looks like it’s adding contrast & sharpness. This would not work on anything with more blur as the detail is just not there & never was. I would like to compare the tonal qualities after this filter has been applied as I doubt they will be the same.

  • Stephan Zielinski
  • Dave

    Next year they will be introducing a new feature called ‘Smart detrash’ which finds deleted images in cyberspace even from computers long since decommissioned. Adobe rules.

  • Dave

    Exactly! I think everyone of us has one of those heartbreaking images that cannot be re-shot that could use a tool like this.

  • Guest


  • Mike Buchanan

    If you are going to drop all that cash on the new Photoshop but don’t know how to take a sharp photo of some flowers that are just…well…sitting there, it might be time to reevaluate some things. :)

    Seriously, I would like to see Shake Reduction used on a blurry event photo, as I think the feature would get more use in that setting.

  • Samuel

    Didn’t they release a peak of something similar a while before CS6 but then it never appeared ?

  • Syuaip

    Aw, I’m selling all my IS/VR/OS lenses!

  • Dario Toledo


  • Patrick Rusk

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

  • Mark N

    These results still look very… experimental. Looks like a way oversharpened jpg.Maybe in a couple of PS generations, it’ll improve.

  • Scott Verge

    I’m guessing you haven’t noticed all the amatures pirate the lastest version of photoshop rather then buying Elements?

  • Matthew Wagg

    Adobe: Making mediocre photographers look good since 2012

  • AlphaValues

    This could possibly be useful for people who do event and conflict photography; too bad the sample looks like a “strapped chicken” – an image blurred in the best possible way to make it easiest for the algorithm to do it’s job.

    I’ll get excited when Adobe starts including some different math in PS’s image resizing menu, eg Lanczos etc.

  • Norshan Nusi

    And the law enforcement will love it o_O

  • NotSoHappyAdobe

    This feature is only going to be available on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Service, so for us current faithful CS6 owners.. Its a shame, I’m a professional photographer that could have benefited from some of these new features, but certainly not for a monthly charge of $20 bucks… It is a great concept adobe, just not a wise idea to try to create exclusive features to strong arm customers into subscribing to service, especially after I just dropped $2000+ on CS6 creative master. This new features should be included in an update or sold as an add on @ the very least..

  • Benjamin O’Brien

    Photorec by cg security!

  • satish

    I’m Not soo happy about it either. I;ve just bought cs6 and missing out on this feature feels like a RIP off. they should make it available for cs6 users also…. ADOBE do you HEAR ME……..