Photog Uses His Imagination to Bring Joy to Boy with Muscular Dystrophy


Slovenia photographer Matej Peljhan has a touching series of photographs titled The Little Prince, which stars a 12-year-old boy named Luka. The images show the boy exploring an imaginary world created by laying colored sheets and household objects on the ground. Peljhan created the images to give Luka the feeling of being able to do things he can’t.

You see, Luka suffers from muscular dystrophy, a disease that causes his body to become weaker and weaker over time.

Due to the degenerative disease, Luka is unable to do even the most basic of everyday activities such as washing himself, dressing, and eating. His physical capability is mostly limited to tiny movements of his fingers, which allow him to move about in his electric wheelchair. He is also able to hold a colored pen, with which he can slowly turn his imagination into drawings in a notebook.


During a conversation he had with Luka, Peljhan learned that the boy wished to see himself in photographs walking, exploring, and getting into mischief. Rather than use some type of digital trickery to make this dream a reality, Peljhan decided to simply use a different perspective.

He decided to shoot photographs from above in a style that’s reminiscent of photographer Jan von Holleben’s work. Peljhan photographed Luka from above as he posed on the ground, capturing the boy’s fighting spirit, positive attitude, and fun personality.







You can find larger versions of these photographs in this online gallery.

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Image credits: Photographs by Matej Peljhan and used with permission

  • Tommy Sar

    As an amateur photographer with muscular dystrophy, AWESOME!!

  • Andrew Ryback

    Really touching… (just please reverse the bball one…)

  • Michael Spotts

    That’s wonderful. Nice to see new ways of using photography for good.

  • duoexo

    I swear, these aren’t tears :*(

    Great work.

  • kaitb1103


  • Tommy Sar

    Because the picture is reversed. Like at the number “4” on the jersey.

  • Aleš Farčnik

    I think it’s intentional – facing to the right.

  • hamoncan

    Ya, who’s been cutting up onions…

  • Jason Kessenich

    Fantastic work. Very creative, and I love the style. Love stories like this.

  • cosgrove

    Beautiful, my brother had muscular dystrophy, and he would loved this!

  • Molly TB

    The reverse is likely intentional due to trademark/copyright law. Using the image “normally” might infringe, but flipping it changes it enough to not violate the laws.

  • Trevor A Rees

    Thats soo sweet and nice. Faith in humanity restored.

  • rebeqa

    great work! my heart is now a little more full! :)

  • Andrew

    Luka, you are the brave boy. Never give up. Support you forever

  • April Taylor

    love the hair on the dancing one

  • Clive Litchfield

    Totally fantastic! Good for you.

  • Liam McFadyen

    That’s great imagination!