Moving Portraits of People from the Ages of 0 to 102

In the latest installment of InsuranceQuotes’ “Hidden Costs Video Series,” the insurance info provider put together an aging video using moving pictures of people from the ages of 0-102. A lot like the viral video of photographer Frans Hofmeester’s daughter Lotte, it shows the process of aging through tiny snippets of video.

The video is really about the hidden costs of aging, covering the facts from an inspirational and heartwarming angle rather than the depressing version where costs skyrocket as we age. And even though they skip ages 81 through 101, we still enjoyed the journey all the way from Eason at age 0 to Evelyn at age 102. We hope you do too.

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  • Steve

    I see nothing heartwarming about this at all. It is a video made by an insurance company to sell product. Comparing it to Hofmeester’s wonderful video is just downright wrong.

  • Ope Oladipo

    Would have been better if arranged chronologically

  • Stuart Humphery

    It wasn’t created BY an insurance company, it was created for an insurance company by a creative team – by artists.

  • Steve

    “It wasn’t created BY an insurance company, it was created FOR an insurance company by a creative team. ”

    Obviously and changes nothing – it is not in the same league as the Hofmeester video.