Service Turns Your Photos Into Authentic Tintypes and Tintype Pendants


Getting an authentic tintype of yourself or one of your photos isn’t easy. Unless you live near Photobooth in San Francisco or know how to make one yourself, your options are extremely limited. There’s a new option available, however, and this one will let you order a tintype from the comfort of your couch.

Restoration company Digital Tintypes recently announced a new website by the same name that will take any photo you give them and turn it into an 8″ x 10″, 5″ x 7″, 2.5″ x 2.5″, or 1″ x 1″ pendant tintype using the original processing techniques.

Digital Tintypes has been in the business of old photos for over 15 years now, but only recently did they decide to establish a new revenue stream by making your new pictures look old rather than the other way around.


The service itself is very easy to use, and just requires you to make two decisions. Once you’ve selected your desired size, you’ll have to pick one of their four plate styles — either black, brown, rose gold or polished silver. After that you’re on the home stretch, just place the order and upload your photo. You’ll receive your very own tintype in the mail in 3-4 weeks.

Prices are determined by size, and will run you $60, $35, $115 and $200 for the 1″ x 1″, 2.5″ x 2.5″ pendant, 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ sizes, respectively. To learn more about the service or place your own order, visit Digital Tintypes by clicking here.

Digital Tintypes (via Believe In Film via The Phoblographer)

  • Lubyanka

    You may want to check the spelling in your title: “Pendants” :)

  • DLCade

    Thanks for pointing that out! It’s been fixed : )

  • Steve Stevenson

    Awesome, I think I’ll give them a try soon.
    I’ve worked with making glass negatives with liquid emulsions, but never a tin type.
    One problem is that everyone and their mother will now have tin types.

  • The all mighty one


  • JonJoe Diddle

    I love tin types, especially their new opal style.

  • Isabel Herron

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  • templebox

    You have the prices wrong, the 1×1 pendant is 60 and the 2.5×2.5 is $35. Much prefer that pricing, 1×1 is useless but a 2.5×2.5 for $35, that’s interesting.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for the correction!

  • Digital Tintypes

    We look forward to making some tintypes for you Steve! We are hoping that everyone and their mother will now have the opportunity to pass on a favorite memory in the form of a tintype which will become a family heirloom and last generations!

  • Kellam Clark

    I love the idea of memorializing everyday moments….

    Kellam Clark
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    The Living Tin