What Your Choice of Instagram Filter Says About Your Personality


100 million users are uploading 40 million photographs on a daily basis to Instagram. Of these images, 43% of them dont have any retro filters applied to them. That leaves 22.8 million filtered photos hitting the social network every 24 hours.

Marketing firm Marketo recently poked around with some of Instagram’s statistics, and then decided to assign personality profiles to some of the service’s most popular filters. It’s like Instagram meets Chinese Zodiac.

Instagram is well know, for its various filters that transform the look and feel of the photos. With them, sunsets, coffee cups, and your date’s double cheeseburger can masquerade as art. But the truth is, the filter you choose says more about you than the picture you take. The infographic below explains the psychology behind the top 10 Instagram filters, and profiles the personalities of the photographers who use them.

Check out the infographic below, find your favorite go-to filter, and see if the profile describes your personality well:


You can find a higher-resolution version of this image here.

(via Marketo via Gizmodo)

Image credit: What we did before @instagram – Cokin filters #nofilter #nodigitalfilteranyway by Kevin Marks

  • Julian Trœps

    Why not trying the “get filmcamera for filmlook filter” ?

  • Leonardo Abreu

    That’s sad…

  • tyrohne

    slow photo-news day? These articles don’t curate themselves, amiright?

  • Emil Chalhoub

    What your choice of instagram filter says about your personality:

    Earlybird: Hipster
    X-PRO II: Hipster
    Valencia: Hipster
    Rise: Hipster
    Hefe: Hipster
    Amaro: Hipster
    Hudson: Hipster
    Brannan: Hipster
    Nashville: Hipster

  • Igor Ken

    how old is this infographic? where is sierra? where is willow? where is waldo?

  • Nikki Comma

    1977 also seems to be missing, says the ‘hipster’ in me.

  • ripley

    I dunno, a lot of people I’ve met who regularly instagram are not hipsters at all. They’re pretty ordinary people. In fact, they know so little about photography, they probably wouldn’t know why that one filter is named x-pro.

  • The all mighty

    They all pretty much look the same

  • Emil Chalhoub

    I know that; I use it as well, even though I wouldn’t say I’m a hipster myself. I just made a joke based on some stereotypes related to Instagram and its users. :)

  • KPAX

    It said in the article that it was only to top 10 used filters.

  • madmax

    Your choice of any instagram filter reveals you don´t have a personality at all…

  • ROn

    what’s instagram?

  • Jeremiah Washington

    I use instagram on a regular basis and none of this applied to me. Most of the criticism comes from people who just dont like photography. I have no problem with people having easy access to expressing themselves. If they wanted to be professional photographers, they would have bought a camera that is up to par. If you dont like it, move on. most of you are adults.

  • madmax

    using instagram just define your concept of photography…

  • Ideas_R_Bulletproof

    interesting!… and nice to see that I’m among 10% users favouring earlybird…. though also disappointed to see some other filters not featuring in top 10…

  • Caca Milis

    No filter, not hipster, just like sharing photos on Instagram, it’s way more active than flickr or 500px ( which are awesome sites) and thus more fun for the amateur, and I’ve seen some awesome pics on Instagram

  • Joe S.

    Really? Because many of the people I follow are fantastic professional photographers.

  • K G

    This is beyond meaningless

  • Igor Ken

    Bleah. I can’t freaking believe that Sierra (before starting to use decent paid software for editing I considered it the god of filters, since it went great/good/ok with every picture) isn’t among the top 10. I call bulls**t.

  • Jonas N

    A service with a user count of 40+ million can per definition not consist of hipsters. Today, hipsters are having a party at Vine!

  • Chris

    Wow. What a lame article.