Storytelling Made Easy: How to Capture Photos that Tell a Compelling Story

Even before the digital age, National Geographic’s photographers, on average, took about 1,933 photos for every one photo published. And it’s this dedication to showing the world only the very best of what they manage to capture that makes these photographers some of the best in the world.

In this B&H Event Space seminar, seasoned photographer Marcus Donner explains the necessity of quantity, and shares some lessons on how to go from taking pictures, to telling stories.

The seminar lasts an hour and eighteen minutes, so we won’t attempt to go into everything that Donner covers here. But if you are fortunate enough to find the time this weekend, the whole thing is packed with good advice (and just a few sections that may sound a bit like a Samsung NX Smart Camera ad).

The tips he gives range from being sure to plan and prep the way photographers like Greg Heisler do, to not being afraid to make mistakes, to making your subjects feel comfortable while you’re taking their photo. Ultimately, however, it always comes back to the same fact that the Nat Geo photogs seem to know so well: it takes a combination of skill and quantity to get quality.

(via Reddit)

  • Zos Xavius

    Fair warning. This is a thinly disguised advertisement for Samsung. I couldn’t get past the 20 minute mark. He does make a few good points. Too bad every 3 minutes he is going on and on about how the nx camera is the best thing ever.

  • Christian DeBaun

    One hour and 18 minutes?

    Great video, but this could have been reduced to 15 minutes, tops.



    It’s a B&H Event Space seminar.

    Of coarse there’s going to be advertising. Who do you think is paying for this?

  • emeldastarr79ma

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  • Cy Leow

    “took about 1,933 photos for every one photo published.” I would be out of a job as a Picture Editor long time ago ;)

  • AdamB

    simply by editing out the uhm’s and ah’s. I’m pretty forgiving as I’m not a fan of public speaking as well, but this was brutal, I had to stop after half an hour

  • Earl Brooks

    Very boring presentation, don’t really want a Samsung cam. But one thing learned, now I always carry a model release form.

  • joel

    cool shirt

  • debbygoel81no

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  • Jake

    ^ Speaking of thinly disguised advertisements…

  • siva

    Not very arresting photos but the idea behind them is valid.

  • Mansgame

    These BH videos are great to watch during the day at the office.

  • Dozy

    I certainly dont like the color in most of his shots.

  • Jeremy Keas

    Warning… Simply an advertisement targeting hobby photogs.