CineVise Securely Clamps Your Camera To Anything It Can Grasp


Cinetics, the people who brought you the CineSquid and CineSkates, introduced their newest alteration to a GorillaPod this last week, the CineVise. While the CineSquid enhanced your GorillaPod’s legs with powerful suction cups, and the CineSkates put your camera on wheels, the CineVise (quite literally) clamps your camera onto any clamp-able surface you may need to secure it to.

Here are a few pictures of the CineVise doing its thing:





The CineVise (and the GorillaPod Focus the product works with) is made to hold up to 11lbs — so don’t expect it to hold your newly acquired Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm lens — but it’ll do the job if you’re looking to attach your regular-sized camera/lens combo to any number of awkward surfaces.

Just like the last two products, you’ll have a choice between buying the three, GorillaPod Focus attachable vise grips on their own for $165, or bundling them together with a GorillaPod and Ballhead X attachment for $295. For more info, visit the CineVise store page or check out the psychedelic ad below.

Full disclosure: Cinetics is a sponsor of this blog.

  • 11

    3rd image — even clamps to an image on the monitor?

  • agour

    Isn’t this already what a gorillapod does?

  • Alan Dove

    I just carry an Ultrapod plus an Ultraclamp and leave the extra $250 in my bank account.

  • DafOwen

    Although just a single contact point – think I’d still prefer a Magic Arm kit.
    Cheaper too

  • buckleyphoto

    3rd image looks like a bad Photoshop to me

  • junyo

    But a single contact point where the arm can be made rigid. What’s the point of 3 points of contact connected by flexible arms?