Clever Typeface Created from Pieces of a Deconstructed Camera


We’ve shown a number of photos of disassembled cameras in the past, but 19-year-old London-based graphic design student Stefan Abrahams went a step further with his camera deconstruction project. Instead of simply arranging the individual components neatly, Abrahams decided to turn the pieces into a typeface.

Tiny screws and washers form the ‘A’. The viewfinder eyepiece is itself the ‘D’. The shutter curtain is arranged as the ‘R’. Major kudos to anyone who can identify the SLR camera that was taken apart to create these letters.

(via Lomography via DesignTAXI)

Image credit: Photograph by Stefan Abrahams

  • fast eddie

    The camera was an AF Minolta, but I don’t know what model. Maybe a Maxxum or Dynax?

  • Ruben Tavares

    Looks more like a canon.

  • Adrian Naylor

    What a sad f…..g twat get s life anf get s real job.

  • KH


  • Guest

    looks like a canon 5dII. mirror and shutterbox look full frame so I’m guessing 5dII

  • +CB

    Canon 35mm film camera. Mirror box looks to be full size 35mm…. but also looks like it has the film back spring plate aswell…… Maybe an Eos 1?

  • geodesigner

    He calls it a typeface? The kid should study a bit (or better, a lot) more about graphic design and typography before creating a “typeface” like this. A typeface is a systemized character set, one that’s used to convey a message, and is ergonomically adequate. This is, at most, idiosyncratic glyph art.

  • Theresa Lloyd

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