New Gel Makes Any Gloves Play Nice with Your Camera’s Touchscreen


More and more cameras are being launched with touchscreen interfaces these days, especially as mobile operating systems are starting to appear in point-and-shoots and turn them into smartphone look-alikes. For those of you who live in a colder environment and often find yourself wearing gloves that aren’t compatible with touchscreen cameras, there’s now a way to make those gloves touchscreen compatible that doesn’t involve sewing conductive thread into them.

It’s called AnyGlove, and is a special capacitive gel that can be applied to — as the name implies — any glove or clothing item.

The product comes in a bottle containing enough liquid for 550 drops, which is enough to treat several pairs of gloves. The gel works on most types of gloves, including work, fleece, running, wool-lined, driving, and cycling gloves. A slight caveat, though: the company warns against using it on very light-colored gloves, as it will cause a slight dark discoloration.

It’s not a permanent treatment, but a single application can last for months depending on what your gloves are made of and how often you’re rubbing them up against a touchscreen. Once the touchscreen powers begin to fade, simply drip a little more liquid onto your fingertip to restore the full potency.

Here’s a short video review by Red Ferret, which found that it does work (albeit after a number of coatings):

A bottle of the stuff costs $20 over on Amazon, around the same price as a nicer pair of touchscreen gloves.

(via RedFerret via Boing Boing)