Self-Portraits in a Forest with a Very, Very Long Shutter Release Cable


Japanese photographer Wataru Yamamoto‘s “Drawing a Line” project might look like a series of strange photos of a forest, but they’re actually self portraits. His description is simple: they’re “self-portraits taken in the forest, using a cable release made of string.”

For each photo, the Tokyo-based Tama Art University graduate student set up his large-format camera in Japan’s Kumano forest, pulled an extremely long shutter release cable into the scene, and then photographed himself staring into the camera from among the leaves and branches.

Each photograph is black-and-white, so Wataru’s face and body don’t stand out much against the forest he’s standing in. Thus, it can often be challenging to pick out his figure from among the clutter.

However, the cable release does serve as a guide: follow it as long as your eyes see it, and Wataru is waiting for you at the end.










You can find more of Wataru’s work over on his personal website.

Drawing a Line by Wataru Yamamoto (via American Photo via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Photographs by Wataru Yamamoto and used with permission

  • pierreevers

    for real petapixel? not any better photography project out there today?

  • Zos Xavius

    everyone has a gimmick…. ;)

  • Michael Choi

    hehhhh, nahhhh

  • Allen Arrick

    So sick of all these gimmicks. Clever does not equal creative.

  • GH

    Petapixel’s articles are becoming increasingly lame.

  • etothej

    Stop being so negative people! I actually like the pictures, though I feel that on themselves, they aren’t too great. It’s by looking at all of them that I start to appreciate them!

  • michaelp42

    There is literally nothing to see here.

  • Shololo

    So much haters who cannot even come up with their own projects.

  • tron

    comments sound like a bunch of angry, talentless keyboard warriors who would rather sit around and dog someone else’s work because they’re incapable of being creative.

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    Opinion is the cheapest commodity. People are eager to share their “critique” :)

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  • KKK

    very perverted project. I find it so much better than that canadian commercial-crapher.

  • Allen Arrick

    I’m tired of this trend of taking unimaginative, dumb, poorly composed pictures and calling them art, simply because they were taken on an 8×10 Graflex in black and white. We have got to start appreciating good art and criticizing bad art. We need to uplift great photographs and dissolve this illusion of photography as an “Instagram” culture. The photographs in this post are crap, and yes that’s my opinion, and it counts just as much as this guy who made a long shutter release and took a dump in the woods. If this is what passes as art nowadays, I’m done.

  • Alex Minkin

    If there wasn’t a string, would this be relevant?

  • lms

    or he could be a wedding photographer instead…

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  • Jotz

    The title of this post mentions self portraits, and while I can see people in several of the photos, it seems like the majority of them contain no people. Are they really well hidden and I’m just missing them? Many of them seem to be photos of a long cable in the woods.

    Again, I may just be overlooking the people in some of the photos.

  • annie

    those photos of the balls are awesome!!!