A Roundup of Harlem Shake Videos in the World of Photography


The Harlem Shake meme has taken over the Internet over the past few weeks, and even the world of photography has been invaded. Here’s a small roundup of Harlem Shake videos put out by photography and camera enthusiasts.

Jtography created this stop-motion video that shows camera equipment doing the Harlem Shake:

A SinPRO camera store in also Romania got in on the action:

Here are a couple videos of the Shake done in photo studios:

DigitalRev’s version starring Kai Wong:

Beco, a camera shop in Iceland:

Digital Camera Warehouse:

Do you know of any other photography-related Harlem Shake vids? Point us to them in the comments, and we might add them to this roundup!

  • Mike Maciel
  • Scott Scheetz

    You guys forgot one, Digitalrev TV Harlem Shake:

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks. Added! :)

  • Daniel

    Why is this crap on a usually good website?!

  • Mike Maciel

    Ur welcome, signed faithful reader!

  • Mark Dub

    I was wondering the same thing.. Maybe Gallon Smashing with photographers will be next!.. one can only hope

  • Kevin Huggins

    Just to clarify… Jtography created the stop motion Harlem Shake with the little purple monkey and camera gear. I just uploaded the video for them.
    Thanks for featuring it on your website :)
    Kevin Huggins

  • Kevin Huggins

    Would be happy if you could credit Jtography with the making of the video instead of me, thanks :)

  • Eziz

    You can’t be expecting the site to satisfy you all the time, do you?

  • Igor Ken

    AHAHAHAHHA KAI is so awkward

  • cnavey

    seriously guys? it’s funny…yeah it’s crap but it’s funny! have you ever watched an SNL skit in your life? I like being subjected to horrendous pop culture antics every now and again.

  • marc

    Can I downvote this post? Harlem Shake is one of the stupidest thigns to come across the web.

  • tertius_decimus

    Mark my words, in a couple of years nobody will remember what the hell Harlem Shake is. Such media-viruses rise and fall rapidly. Next post, please.

  • Mansgame

    I think I used that exact same line to someone in an unrelated matter.

  • Craig Richaud

    LOL @ The frog guy in this one.

  • Kari J

    I live in iceland, not shopping in beco again thats for sure, they will later repackage those items and sell as brand new.

  • Deesh

    Humber College photography students doing the harlem shake in their print lab.