Outex: A ‘Drysuit’ Housing for Your DSLR That Won’t Break the Bank


Waterproof housings for your DSLR typically come in two varieties: cheap bags that leave you wanting more in way of results, or extremely expensive cases that leave your bank account wanting more in way of funds. Outex hits a happy medium, providing much higher quality results than your typical bag housing for between $250 and $400 depending on your camera.

Made of high-quality, extremely strong latex, Outex housings allow access to all of your buttons and your lens’ focusing apparatus in the same way a bag would. But unlike the cheap bag housings, the lens and viewfinder ports are glass, so the image quality is on par with much more expensive cases.

Here’s a video introduction to Outex’s products:

Finding an Outex cover that will fit your camera and lens is a cinch as well. All you have to do is visit their online store and select your camera, lens and accessories from the drop-down menus — the website then populates your cart with the needed equipment automatically.


Outex is also constantly adding to their library of accessories and add-ons. Most recently, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund what they’re calling their “Big O,” a glass window that allows you to view your LCD while shooting with one of Outex housings.

Here’s that Kickstarter video:

The hope is that access to the LCD screen will expand their user base to HDSLR videographers, as well as mirrorless users, many of whom have to rely solely on the LCD to frame their shots.

To support their newest endeavor and get a discount on an Outex housing, head over to Kickstarter. Otherwise, to outfit your current camera sans “Big O,” you can head over to their website and use their automatic selection tool to customize an Outex suit for your set-up.

  • Eric

    at no point can you see the back or the controls in that ad. I wonder why they chose to do that.

  • Eric

    I just watched the installation video on their site and it shows the rear of the Outek bag. it has a nice port for the viewfinder but nothing else. presumably you would press through the bag at the appropriate spot to take a photo. Not a bad waterproof bag for a couple hundred bucks. They should have shown the rear of the bag in the ad.

  • Alan Dove

    So it’s a clone of the Ewa-Marine bags, but opaque so you can’t see the controls? Or is there some amazing undocumented feature that makes it worthwhile?

  • Matt

    Ya, watch the video. About 1:50 in they show a version that has a large viewing window for the back. It is not great, but it is part of the product so far. Nothing for the top controls though. IMO does need more design review and adjustment.

    May not be bad. Could be a good start…

  • Christopher James Andrews

    What I don’t get about the videos, ks page or main web-page is they show virtually no images taken using the product, and certainly no GOOD images taken with it – it uses a (presumably plastic) front element that sits in front of the lens glass, so image quality could be a real issue

  • Jay

    Nice product!

  • Bart Aldrich

    They’re going to sell b-jillions of these!!! I want one now.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Looks interesting, but I think I would have trouble with my FSLR. Even though I have a motor drive, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the film advance lever, my camera is manual focus. So manual focus would be the kill reason for not buying this product.

  • Luiz Fellipe Carneiro

    I’m crazy, or this thing is arround there for at least 3 years?

  • David T. Cole

    I suppose with the version where you have the ‘big O’ on the back you could in theory see the camera settings on the LCD’s info screen if you want to fumble around through the latex to find the ISO button, aperture or what have you. That assumes the ‘big O’ doesn’t cover the Info button on your camera (which it looks like it might). I’d love something like this when at the beach but seems like you might have to pick your settings before you bag the camera and live with it until you’re on dry land. Anyone have experience with these?

  • Alex Minkin

    swing and a miss. literally HALF the point of this post is to point out the kickstarter to fund R&D/production for a feature that allows you to see the back and controls. good job on your thorough comprehension skills.

  • Alex Minkin

    i see plenty of pictures taken using it. plenty of good pictures. great pictures, in fact. i’ve also met photographers that have used it. photographers that book jobs that rely on using this type of equipment.


    $250? still a rip-off.

  • Sean Curran

    It would be really hard to tell when you accidentally pressed buttons and changed settings, which you will do, due to the fact you cant see the buttons.

  • Christopher James Andrews

    Cool, maybe they should put some up on the Kickstart?