David Burnett: Stories from a Seasoned Photojournalism Legend

David Burnett is a traditional photojournalist whose style and work has remained relevant in an increasingly digital world. You may remember his stunning shots from the London 2012 Olympic Games that were captured, not with a 1DX, but a 4×5 Speed Graphic camera and Aerial reconnaissance lens, both from the 1940s.

But Burnett’s incredible photography has graced newspapers and magazine covers for decades. And in this B&H Event Space presentation, he regales us with some stories from the journey that took him from shooting local basketball games in high school with a Yashica Mat and a one-off Highland Strobe, to shooting for the cover of Time magazine with his Speed Graphic.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Jeff

    The one guy in the audience who is butting in with comments should shut his mouth.

  • Zach Schaffer

    What does she shoot with now to get that bokeh?

  • mo

    INTENSE photos!

    great pleasure to see that video!
    you can see what this man has gone through..

    this is what i call a photographer!

  • James

    4×5 view camera. The large format gives wicked shallow depth of field.

  • K G

    She? Mostly not digital. It is not necessarily “bokeh” you’re seeing, it is film grain and dynamic range. Texture. Something that digital lacks.

  • klapauzius

    what’s that camera hanging over his shoulder?

  • Samuel

    You mean the guy questioning and complimenting probably one of his heroes during a seminar for that exact reason ?