Match Made on Flickr: The Story of Patrick Eggert and Sophie Ellis


Online dating websites are a multi-billion dollar business nowadays, and more and more single-and-looking people turn to the Interwebs to find their soul mates. Photographers Patrick Eggert and Sophie Ellis met through the Web as well, but not through a matchmaking site: their relationship started through a Flickr comment.

Patrick Eggert

A self-portrait by Patrick Eggert

Back in the beginning of 2010, Eggert and Ellis were strangers separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Eggert is based in Portland, Oregon, while Ellis resides in Aldbourne, England. Both photo enthusiasts were working on photo-a-day projects in which they aimed to shoot a self-portrait for each day of the year.

Sophie Ellis

A self-portrait by Sophie Ellis

That year, however, Ellis left a comment on one of Eggert’s photographs. This kicked off a back-and-forth exchange between the two, as each one encouraged the other in their respective projects.

The Flickr comments eventually turned into instant messaging and Skype chats, and the two photographers spent a year and a half becoming closer and closer online.


In 2011, the two met “in real life” for the first time when Ellis flew 5000 miles to Portland. They then spent another year in a long-distance relationship, taking turns visiting the other person and growing in their relationship by talking online every day.


Finally, in December 2012, Eggert asked Ellis to marry him while she was once again visiting him in Oregon. While the two were spending a day at the beach, Eggert told Ellis to look off into the Pacific Ocean for a photograph. He then set his camera’s self-timer, jumped into the frame with Ellis, and captured his proposal on camera.

Ellis would later use her camera to capture their engagement photos. She’s now in the process of getting a visa so that she can join Eggert in Portland.


Check out Eggert and Ellis‘ Flickr photostreams for their self-portraits and their photographs together as a couple.

(via Huffington Post and Yodel Anecdotal)

Image credits: Photographs by Patrick Eggert and Sophie Ellis and used with permission

  • Andrew Buckley

    good luck to them

  • Matt Leitholt

    Great story, best of luck you two!

  • Neaato Org


  • Adam

    Yeah. Flickr relationships are great. I heard Rosie Hardy hooked up with a guy she met on Flickr and …. oh.

  • KelBel

    Awe! How cute! :3

  • Samcornwell

    Hey guys, you two are in safe hands. My wife and I found each other also by a single Flickr comment I left on a photo of hers back in 2009. I embarrassingly suggested a crop (which I took back quickly.) In just over three years we were married and had a son.

    The rest is history.

  • Samcornwell

    I remember her (and him). What happened to them?

  • agour

    I love how the internet brings people together!

  • Igor Ken

    so cute and inspirational :)))

  • rebeca

    i found my boyfriend through flickr as well. his friends found me which led me to find him. i was in texas and he was in new york. i moved to minnesota for school and he moved 6 months later to be closer to me. we’ve been together almost 3 years.

  • 林志文

    They broke up.

  • Rob

    Awesome story. Congrats to the couple.

  • Gunman

    You guys are old enough to make your own decisions. My best.

  • buu

    very lovely!

  • Clavius

    Wow, these two are awesome. The most amazing thing is that he uses Canon and she is a Nikon shooter. I wonder if this sort of mixed marriage can last? Aren’t they supposed to fight over that sort of thing? (OK, just kidding..)

  • Jerome

    Now what was my Flickr password again…?

  • Violeta Ivanova

    Beautiful story!

    Me and my partner met in a similar way, only on Deviantart. Three months later he came to visit me in Bulgaria, and things got serious. For a year now, we’ve been living together in Finland. :]

  • CGP

    Well at least they won’t be constantly borrowing each other’s lenses :)

  • Miz

    Love it. Best of luck to both of them!

  • Campos Y Bareau

    We share almost the same story My GF and I
    She’s from Argentina
    I’m french
    I use Nikon
    She’s a Canon addict ( she loves her Valentine’s Canonet new 28)
    But now we’re looking at the same direction

  • Deborah Valentin

    Wow! I love your story I have a similar story. My husband and I found each other through flicker. We are both photographers. I was looking for a rainbow and stumbled across his amazing photograph. That was three and a half years ago. We are now married. I am from South Carolina, USA and now living in Scotland with my husband Nicolas! Congrats to both of you! Your story is beautiful…..

  • Olga Peluso

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