Vienna Time-Lapse Worthy of the Dubstep Background Music

Here’s a cool time-lapse (or rather, “hyperlapse) that involved quite a bit in way of post-production to get it to work with the background music as well as it does. It was shot over 14-days within a 3-month period, and offers an awesome time-lapse look at the amazing city of Vienna.

On the technical side of things, the 16,023-photo time-lapse was taken using two Canon T3i’s, one Canon T2i, four tripods, one Gorilla tripod, a Pocketslider and Magic Lantern. And once it was shot, creators Thomas Pocksteiner, Piotr Jablonowski, and Fabian Orner had to spend 48-hours post-processing the photos and 40-hours editing the final video.

The time spent seems to have been worth it though, because (in our humble opinion) this is a seriously cool time-lapse.

Vienna Time Lapse 2012 / 2013 (Hyperlapse) [Vimeo]

  • agour

    dubstep is a very acquired taste… Unfortunately I had to turn it off halfway through (can’t stand that music).

  • muitosabao

    Awesome job! Super tight editing. Really good final result. (Though the music style is drum & bass)

  • ietion

    really awesome work!! To be honest the track was too tense for me. had to turn it down mid-way, it was driving me mad. Everything else was very good!!

  • James

    I wouldn’t mind the music so much but it is so badly mixed. I don’t know what they did to make it sound so bright and brittle but I suspect some over use of harmonic exciters in the mastering phase or something. And they need to back the top end off a little bit. When it all kicks in it just cuts through your ear drums like a knife.

  • Bruce Butkus

    Loved it, need to know what song that was, it was a great compliment to the video editing

  • Actually

    It’s Drum N’ Bass….

  • bob cooley

    I love time-lapses – you had me up until dubstep…

  • tomas

    Stunning visuals and beautifully done!!! Might want to change the tile from dubstep to drum n bass.(two very different styles of electronic music)

  • Khalid Aziz

    dub step is the product of the evolution of Drum and Bass so it is not that different style :D

  • Igor Ken

    Very well made!

  • tyrohne

    the music was overdone… I give it a 2.. could have been awesome but. wasn’t.

  • DafOwen

    Agree with others to certain extent
    – I like dubstep for music/dancing sake
    – But not for timelapse, or this one.
    Stopped watching after 2min

  • Scottella

    This is Drum & Bass music!

  • Pete

    Awesome video! I was wondering how to replicate shots like the ones at 00:23 – 00:28… I was thinking it would be possible with a tripod and moving it after every shot, but I would then end up with shaky footage. Any tips? Thanks :)

  • Jeremy Lawrence

    They are quite distinct musical forms. Do you think German and English are the same language too? After all they are more similar and have more shared roots than D+B/Dubstep.

  • MMielech

    Dubstep is a form of raggae.

  • bob cooley

    On what planet? Dub has its roots in reggae, not Dubstep.