Commuters Instagram Flip Book Captures One Year on the NYC Subway

Here’s an interesting project by multi-media journalist Rebecca Davis that captures what you might witness while riding the New York City subway over the course of one year. It’s a ‘flip book’ put together using Instagram photos of everything from the bored commuter to the intimate couple.

Since NYC residents spend a good chunk of their time getting from point A to point B using the Subway, Commuters offers a glance into real life in the big city — the kind with a lot more grit and a lot less glamour. To borrow a line from Mashable’s Neha Prakash, it shows “real New Yorkers in their finest form.”

If you want to see more, Davis also put together a Tumblr over the course of the project where you can check out individual shots, including many that didn’t make it into the video.

(via Mashable)

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  • Samcornwell

    Another project: Layer every photo in this video on top of each other to reveal just how mundane Instagram filters look.

  • gabe sturdevant

    This probably could have been done in a couple days. Looks more like action shots pieced together of several different people

  • Greg McKay

    Another perfect example of why I will never get Instacr@p. I stopped viewing the video about 15 seconds into it.

  • Brady Cabe

    I am not understanding the negativity in the comments. This was a great idea. While there are some flashes of brilliance mixed in with some rather typical snapshots, the real intrigue in this piece is the people. I think it’s fantastic.

  • John

    @Brady Cabe no its no fantastic mate to use one clic filter and then say i am an artist,