Bridge Inspectors Being Dwarfed by the Second Highest Bridge in the US


Reno, Nevada-based photographer Art Domagala was recently involved with an interesting photo shoot in which size and scale played a bit part. He was tasked with photographing bridge inspectors working on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, officially known as the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Standing 840 feet (260 meters) above the Colorado River, the $114 million bridge is the second-highest in the United States. Domagala’s photographs capture the sheer size by showing how small the workers are in comparison.

Photographing the specialized rope access engineers on various areas of the structure proved to be a challenge. Domagala writes,

Many of these shots were taken from a specialized bridge inspection crane around 900 feet above the Colorado River. I went through a gamut of lenses on this shoot too, ranging from extreme ultrawide angle (Sigma 12-24mm II) up to super telephoto (Sigma 800mm) and everything in between (Sigma 24-70 HSM; Canon 70-200/4 with and without the Canon 2x Extender III; and Canon 24 TS-E II).

Here are some more photographs from the shoot:











You can find higher-resolution versions of all the resulting photographs over in this gallery on Domagala’s blog.

Image credits: Photographs by Art Domagala and used with permission

  • fast eddie

    I just had a small panic attack

  • Mansgame

    These are heroes in my opinion.

  • Frederik Thorsted

    I want to be one on them – hanging on the side of the bridge. Great photos!

  • Anthony Burokas

    The perfect job for anyone who loves rappelling.
    Oh, and on the way down, take note if you see any cement crumbling.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Balls of steel