Canon Launches ‘Play it Safe’ Initiative, Helps You Spot Dangerous Knock-Offs


Canon recently launched a new safety initiative aimed at keeping dangerous knock-off gear out of your camera. The tag line for the initiative is “Play it Safe, Power your Canon with Canon Power,” and the company is hoping that a mix of warnings and education will do the trick and keep you from buying counterfeit “Canon” batteries and chargers.

Part one is a warning that most photographers already know:

Purchase of these products can lead to potentially dangerous results. Unlike genuine Canon products, counterfeit accessories may not meet government and industry safety standards and may overheat, smoke, melt, ignite and may cause bodily injury and property damage.

Pretty standard stuff. In addition, however, Canon USA has also added a section to its website dedicated to helping consumers identify knock-offs of the company’s most popular batteries and chargers. All of the examples (at the top and below) have the real product on the left, and a counterfeit example on the right:





Of course, this doesn’t include separately branded replacement batteries and such that you can buy at retail chains, only Canon counterfeits. Head over to Canon USA’s designated counterfeit page for more info.

(via Photography Blog)

  • brandon

    I’m envisioning a factory in china where on one assembly line they are making the “canon” batteries for canon, then 10ft over they are cranking out fake “canon” batteries for other parties…

  • Norm Cooper

    and strobes, and flashes, and memory cards, etc etc etc etc

  • Jung

    Stock batts and chargers are too expensive (not just Canon’s). Lowering the price by reasonable amount will help a lot.

  • JJ

    €60+ for 1 battery or €10 for 2 hmmmm

  • Steffen Graumann

    I don’t buy Canon batteries. They are way to expensive and doesn’t last long. The cheep one (not the counterfeit ones) are much better.
    Original (and pretty new) Canon battery last 3-6 hours. Cheep battery last up to 60 days! No way I’m gonna pay 5-7 times as much for Canon batteries.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Use Canon’s original products, because everyone know someone who has had their face blown off by their counterfeit battery!

    Footnote: we also want your money.

  • Jonathan Yao

    Interesting that in the image of the LP-E6, top image, the real one is missing the UL and CE badge. I wonder if that battery is only to be sold in Japan.

  • Jeroen

    Counterfeit batteries are dangerous… for Canon’s profits.
    They might melt… Canon’s profits.
    They can smoke… Canon’s profits.
    They can overheat… Canon’s management.
    They can ignite… jealousy from Canon.
    And they can cause property damage, Canon’s properties, that is.

    I have always bought counterfeit batteries as extras batteries for my Canon camera’s and usually the fake ones were better than Canon’s own.

  • Jim A.

    The other “danger” is that you might save money on batteries that work very nearly as well for le$$

  • Fizzog

    I have a 7D and a 6D, and 3 LP-E6 batteries, one bought from an on-line shop. Checking against these photos I find that 2 of the batteries are counterfeit! Perhaps Brandon is right and someone picked up the wrong battery to go into the camera box.