How Not to Do Trainspotting Photography

When doing trainspotting photography, it pays to be extra alert and aware of your surroundings. The video above, captured at the Thurston, Suffolk train station, shows how one camera-wielding trainspotter almost learned (or didn’t learn) that lesson the hard way.

Here’s another video of the incident, captured from a slightly different point of view:

The man found himself inches from death (literally) in search of the perfect close-up shot.

(via F Stop Lounge)

  • Joseph Aschiero

    He looks a little confused about what just happened

  • nab111

    Is it wrong to call trainspotters creeps?

  • Mark N

    Love all the tourists with their useless Sputnik tripods.

  • Dan Howard

    how can you call yourself a trainspotter when you don’t see a train hurtling towards you.

  • Iain

    Reminds me of the Australia Metro “dumb ways to die” add about train safety. YouTube it!

  • Dazam

    Was that first train the Hogwarts Express?

  • Marius Gherghe

    Even when the train goes past him he has a second or two before he reacts :))

  • Titus-Armand

    He’s not very good at it.

  • Iain

    This clip is a couple of years old. The guy almost clipped is taking a video rather than photos by the look of it.

    @Dan Howard He doesn’t see it because he is concentrating on taking a video of the steam train when the unit apraoches from behind.

    @Dazam No, just a railtour. The loco is 70013 ‘Oliver Cromwell’.

    I’ve been doing railway photography for about 5 years now, in that time it’s amazing how times I’ve seen steam trains make people do stupid things just for the shot, nothing this close though.

  • Esther Hereijgers

    Oke it was’nt very carefull, but, pfff poor guy… I guess he’s still having nightmares about that!

  • Jason Wright

    An American teacher recently died because of this exact thing. She stood on one track to take photos of an oncoming train and didn’t hear the one behind that killed her.
    Simple lesson, Train tracks are NOT somewhere to stand, even nearby. Pay attention. It’s such a simple thing, but this guy is lucky he wasn’t stood ON the track.

  • er3

    The fascination of creativity :)

  • francisbasco

    my favorite part: “iieuwww!!!!!”

  • Ben Stewart

    Enjoy every one of the vacationers using their useless Sputnik tripods.

  • Gavlister

    Maybe train swatter is a better name :-)

  • 3232aster

    nearly made it for the darwin awards…..

  • mo

    so where is his version? must be a great close up shot

  • David Portass

    Nearly a Darwin Award entrant

  • Jake

    Is this some special famous train or something? I’ve never seen so many people shooting trains all at once like that.

  • Luiz Fellipe Carneiro

    This guy must watch “Dumb ways to die” video.

  • quickpick

    he was obviosuly concentrating in his first spotting so hard, that it almost made it his last. amazing carelessness, but what can you do when all have cameras now?

    tip: always be aware of *all* risk factors no matter where you shoot for any subject it might be and minimize the possible harm of the shooting to yourself and others!

    same applies to contemporary “smart phone” users. hey, live in the surrounding presence! nowadays people just go staring at their smart phones looking stupid.

  • Tim

    Why didn’t anyone warn him?

  • Eduardo Cervantes

    Just as most of us slow down our cars when we pass through populated areas, these trains should slow down while passing through stations where people gather next to the rails. I think it is criminal not to do it.

  • tiredofit123


  • muddyclouds

    This reminded me of another cameraman fail. Objects may be closer than they appear.

  • android666

    Looks like the smoke from the steam blocked their view til the second one was right at the station.

  • Hayden Petrick

    and the hunter becomes the hunted

  • Daniel Thomassin

    ses parfois risquer la photographie ouf !

  • Amando Filipe

    Probably a historical train parade or something

  • Jordan

    Someone should have run at him, taking photos with their flash going off to “warn the driver”.

    Worst comes to worst they could have made the cover of the New York Post?

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I don’t understand why there are no barriers and warning signals, especially at such a high-speed crossing.