Marksta: An App for Adding Watermarks to Photos On Your Smartphone


Photojournalist John D. McHugh was sick of having his photos stolen and infringed upon the moment he posted them online. And even though he can, of course, put watermarks on his photos in Photoshop, he found himself wondering if maybe he couldn’t come up with a better way. Enter Marksta, an app that allows you to watermark photos right on your iPhone before posting them to Facebook, Instagram, and other places where they may be easily stolen.

Using the app, you can add text, logos, copyright information, website addresses and whatever else you may want to the photo before you post it up for everyone to see. McHugh has also gone to great lengths to make the app user-friendly. He describes other watermarking apps as obviously “created by developers, not photographers,” he hopes that Marksta will avoid the clutter and simplify the process of protecting the work you choose to share online.


As the description on iTunes proudly states, this is a “full-feature, professional standard, ad-free app,” and for a limited time you’ll be able to snag it for free. Once that period is up you’ll be ponying up a few bucks to get it, so we suggest interested iPhone users head over to the App Store while the gettin’s good.

Marksta [iTunes App Store via British Journal of Photography]

  • beautox

    When I hear stories like this I always wonder how the photographer suddenly managed to learn to program apps, a feat that is not so very easy I can tell you (being a programmer myself) just so he could make some silly app.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    If you want to make your photos look really professional, be sure to use the Comic Sans font on your watermarks

  • Michael Dixon-Brooks

    Android version please

  • eraserhead12

    You could just use any app that let’s you superimpose one image over another–e.g. the “insert picture” function on PicSay Pro.

  • AtoDigital

    And android?

  • #payphoneography


  • Lucas Saugen


  • Jason Lee Boyd

    Creative Commons! No need to watermark.