Comparison: The Canon 6D Next to the 5D DSLR Lineup

If you’ve been wondering how the Canon 6D compares to the 5D lineup in terms of size, control layout, and ergonomics, here’s a side-by-side comparison photo in which the 6D (center) is placed next to the new Canon 5D Mark III (left) and the older Canon 5D Mark II (right). The cameras are each ever-so-slightly different in their shapes, but the 6D is noticeably smaller than its higher-tier siblings. It’s more than 10% smaller in its dimensions, and is ~10% lighter than the 5D Mark II and ~20% lighter than the 5D Mark III. Here’s a larger version of the image.

(via LensRentals)

Image credit: Photograph by Roger Cicala/LensRentals

  • watsup

    5D MarkIII is much nicer at the top part of camera ;)

  • Amon

    What I really like to see is a D600 vs 6D type comparison.

  • David

    The 6D is not noticeably smaller than it’s pricier siblings. It is noticably smaller than the 5D mkII and 5D mkIII. The 5D mkII is LESS expensive than the 6D.

  • parksandwilson

    would sure be a lot easier to notice any differences if the freaking straps were taking off.

  • parksandwilson


  • Pascal

    The question is: Does size really matter?

  • Michael Zhang

    Right, thanks for catching that David!

  • Ellery Familia

    if you carry you camera with you 100% of the time like I do, then size / weight DO matter… it’s not a deal breaker, but a welcomed perk.