PetaPixel Unveils His New iPhone Camera Attachment, Called the foto.sosho

Last week we reported that Black Eyed Peas frontman was planning to launch an iPhone attachment that would boost the phone’s resolution to 14 megapixels. That launch happened today, and we have our first look at how the artist plans to turn iPhones around the world into more-formidable cameras.

The Telegraph reports that at a launch event in London, unveiled multiple devices under the brand name foto.sosho (it sounds like Photo Social, which is what the front of the camera says).

The attachments all come with interchangeable lenses (standard, fish-eye, wide, and telephoto), built-in flashes, and a suite of software-based editing, filtering, and sharing tools.

While the iPhone 4 attachment will be limited to those features, the iPhone 5 version that will be released later on will also feature the 14MP sensor replacement that we reported last week.

Photo-takers using the gadget will be able to connect with others through the website, which currently features a teaser page and signup link. The website will offer individual profiles for photo sharers, much like Instagram now does.

A total of four different models were announced: two for the iPhone 4 and two for the 5, with one contemporary version and one vintage. The model names are C.4, V.4, V.5, and L.5.

iPhone 4/4S users will be able to buy their foto.sosho attachments starting on December 6, 2012 from London’s Selfridges. The C.4 and V.4 will cost £199 and £299 (~$320 and $480) respectively. The iPhone 5 models won’t arrive until sometime next year, and their prices have yet to be announced.

(via The Telegraph)

Update: Engadget was at the press event and captured this hands-on look of the new accessories:

Image credits: Photographs by Gerald Gonzales/The Telegraph

  • Samcornwell

    Oh, I don’t think a hipster would be seen dead with one of these! For a start, you can’t shoot expired film on it.

  • Aaron

    It’s a useless, overpriced redundancy. In two years, phones will have their own 14MP sensors or near that…but not be as ugly.

  • Gary Martin


  • G

    “freedom of speech” is not the same as the right to get “published” no matter what

  • adny

    will I be able to get a protective case for my iphone camera case lens attachment?

  • Mark Dub

    Bigfoot’s dick!! I lol’d!!

  • Don’tgetit

    As a product, it may or may not fail. But you guys are missing the point. As the guy in the video said, this is largely about being a fashion accessory. Something a secondhand DSLR is not.

    My only mildly confident prediction is that this thing will do fairly well.

  • JJ

    Yes totally at least with a second hand giraffe you would have off road capabilities and it would probably be better for the environment. It is mainly a fashion accessory for people who have loads of money and who are taking photos for the fun of it.

  • John Sluder

    Ghetto Fabulous!!!

  • Charlie Boucher

    serious, apparently its about looking “cool” now ppfffftt

  • Jared

    Why mess around with profiles and social networks? This has no chance of competing with Instagram or Flickr, so why bother?

  • KH

    I have no doubts this will do well regardless of the price and the hideous looks.

  • photosforus

    Freedom: You being allowed to say what ever you want.
    Freedom: Michael being allowed to delete your comments.

  • Jason

  • Antonio Carrasco

    agreed… do we really need another social network to sign up for. becoming really old and redundant at this point

  • Libby Stack

    I see Paris Hilton buying one LOL!

  • Iam-

    How on earth will a piece of “glass” help you to take better pictures? What a waste of money I think…

  • Mansgame

    Wow, I thought I would get downvoted to hell… Remember this moment when I make comments on hipsters and film cameras!

  • Sid Ceaser

    It’s called Topo Gigio?

    Foto.sosho fo’ sho!

    Remember lads – “it’s really a fashion accessory. That intersects with technology, and allows you to look cool.”

    His marketing guy totally just sold me.

    No. Not really.

  • Matt

    If you watch the video, the guy states that the iPhone 5 version has its own lens and sensor. They do not use the iPone 5 camera at all. So, the thing must be huge.

  • Mary-Ann

    God is this ugly. And useless. Who would want this? An Iphone takes OKish pictures, if I want better ones I could buy a really good digicam (S100 for $300!) or if I want even better pics I could get a DSLR. Who would need this? And why does it have to look so cheap?

  • Mark Dub

    Exactly what I thought when I saw that. Engadget was really pushing him on the price and he was basically saying “hey, it’s made by a celeb so you should pay more for it”

    I also like the “standard” lens which does a whole lot of… nothing

  • Jack

    Please, I bet you still use metal shoes on your giraffe. Mine has cloth feet – sure, they cost ten times as much and are far less reliable, but you get a far more authentic experience when walking street.

  • Pete Charlesworth

    shocking concept and design…. will be fun to watch how this plays out


    I thought the video was hilarious! the comments here I thought were critical because it’s on a phto blog, so I decided to check out the youtube comments and its an all across the board fail. The product is useless and over priced. best youtube comment was “Thanx, I don’t what to be cool” HAHAHAHA!

  • Rashard Dabney

    It’s a fashionable product. Geesh! Why are you people so serious!

  • Bua

  • Bua


  • Mick

    I could find multitudes of other things on which to spend my hard earned cash…like more hollow points for the zombie apocalypse, or a lift kit for my Jeep, or a new humidor and some fine cigars, or a 30 year old bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch. Face it, we’re consumers, and as long as someone can come up with some flashy idea/product there will be those who will spend. It’s our nature to do so. Cheers!

  • Bus

    Yep correct. It’s a private site.

  • CiCi

    Anyone know how to delete pics from foot.sosho?