The Ethereal World of Extreme Landscape Photographer Alexandre Deschaumes

Self-taught photographer Alexander Deschaumes only started making photos back in 2003, but his dedication to the craft and his thirst for jaw-dropping landscapes have brought him a long way since then. Deschaumes braves extreme weather and hazardous landforms, going to locations that many landscape photographers would never dare venture, all for the sake of his images. The 2-minute video above offers a look into his world of extreme landscape photography.

It’s actually the official movie trailer for a 52-minute-long documentary film about Deschaumes’ work, titled, “La Quête d’Inspiration” (The Quest for Inspiration). Created by filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay, the movie will be released at the end of this year.

Here are some photos that’ll give you a taste of the trailer and the upcoming movie:

Here’s a photograph showing the gear Deschaumes carries with him on his photo expeditions:

The duo also released an 8-minute sneak peek of the film about a year ago. It’s quite inspiring as well:

You can receive the latest news regarding the film by keeping up with its official Facebook page.

To view some of Deschaumes’ photography, check out these galleries on his website as well as his images on 500px, where he has amassed hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of likes.

Alexandre Deschaumes – La Quête d’Inspiration [Facebook via ISO 1200]

Image credits: Photographs by Alexander Deschaumes and Mathieu Le Lay

  • ulfsonss

    now go up about 3 o´clock in the morning.. that is where most of us struggle already.

  • Gary Eason

    And let’s not forget there was someone else in all those scenes *with a film camera*.

  • uksnapper

    In every great story shot on film / video the presenter looks as though they are the adventurer.

    Camera ,sound and directors are always unseen, unsung and unknown.

  • vaxgelli


  • jasper122

    yeah well you have to be very brave and adventurous to work in a sound studio… ;)

  • uksnapper

    sound on location rather than a studio !

  • Joshua Morin

    Beautiful shots in that trailer!

  • DafOwen

    Lovely images but the film certainly doesn’t seem to my taste.

  • jasper122

    i don´t think they have an extra sound guy on such productions.

  • uksnapper

    Ill settle for camera operator then,dont want to be sexist and say camera man :-)

  • mike G

    These r really kool pictures, id like 2 get involved with thi s kind of wrk

  • Tara (Phila, PA)

    Wow. Just wow!

  • Anatole


  • seoras

    He does all that macho adventury thing all to use a tobacco grad filter and turn saturation to 11. ffs. Charlie waite would be proud.
    Best pics are those of him in the landscape.

  • Paul W

    Beautiful imagery, but it is ironic that the photographer is going on about his lifestyle of isolation… while appearing in handheld video footage obviously shot by someone else always accompanying him.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Georgous photos! I loved the photos where the sun was involved.
    Now, will I make the same commitment to do the same?
    No, I avoid snow. Likewise, I had a summer job where I had a summer job working for a surveying crew and we had to survey a swamp.
    There’s nothing worse than surveying a swamp with a leaky boot!
    I do have my own personal sacrifices to make. I photographed the first sunrise of 2012 over Columbia, SC from the Lake Murray Dam. I am doing a season (spring, summer, fall, and winter) project from the same vantage point. I also photographed the first sunset from the Lake.
    Since I am exclusively using B&W film for 2012, I probably should be back on the dam on New Years Day to shoot the first sunrise of 2013 using color film.

  • good inglish

    Table with photo devices looks us microscheme:D