The Scale of Nature: Photos of Humans Dwarfed on Epic Mountainscapes

We humans may be apex predators, but we’re rather tiny when compared to the sheer scale of nature and landforms. Polish photographer Jakub Połomski captured this fact through his project titled, “The Scale of Nature.” Połomski visited the Alps in France and Switzerland between 2008 and 2012, and shot a series of aerial photographs showing mountain climbers being dwarfed by the awe-inspiring snow-capped mountains they’re traversing.

Here’s what Połomski has to say about his short but award-winning photography career thus far:

Photography for me means travels, light and time. I was born in 1985, but the photography has started interesting me when I was 20 years old. Inspired by photos which I saw in one of the issues of National Geographic, I borrowed DSLR from a friend and then it began… Since 2007, I have been awarded with many prizes and commendations in various photography contests. However by far the most important for me is National Geographic Poland statuette gained for the first place in category “Polish Landscape” in 2010.

You can find more of Połomski’s gorgeous mountain photos over on his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Jakub Połomski

  • 3ric15


  • Josh Deli

    especially like the very last one. Great work!

  • neu

    Aren’t these all taken from the Aiguille du Midi? With a cable car ride and a long lens, you can get some amazing shots above Chamonix.

  • Allan Schroeder

    yup… I have several shots like this, I was thinking the same thing. Incredible scenery and views but not hard to get if people are out climbing.

  • Jjjustinnn

    Correct. I also have lots of shots from that exact ridge and plateau. Walking back and forth on that ridge was scary as hell!