Abstract Photographs of Human Bodies in Motion

Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama has an interesting series of photos simply titled, “Nude.” Each image shows an abstract flesh-colored shape that’s created by a nude subject dancing in front of the camera.

Although the photographs look like long-exposure shots, they’re actually composite images created by combining ten thousand individual photographs of each dancer. The result is a look in which each model’s body is (mostly) lost within the blur of its movement.

You can find more of Maruyama’s work over on his website.

Shinichi Maruyama (via designboom)

P.S. Maruyama is the photographer whose hand-tossed water photos we featured back in 2010.

Image credits: Photographs by Shinichi Maruyama and used with permission

  • John R

    Beautiful and solid creations

  • 11

    Cool. Why did he decide to take 10000 stills instead of a very-small-shutter-time video? possibly with very bright hot lights.. even 2k video would give pretty decent pixel resolution..

  • Zach Sutton Photography

    At first I though “Oh, long exposure, I’ll have to try this….” Then I saw ten thousand photos per image, and I could hear my camera shutter weep.

  • malixe

    That’s amazing.

  • madmax

    Interesting concept but, in my opinion, too much movement registered leads to a confusing less than optimal result.

  • Philip Han

    I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what he did.

  • rtfe

    it becomes more about the movement, the momentary act of flowing, as opposed to the individual or any singular static image/state. it erases the human signifiers, limbs, face, etc and focuses instead on the act in which the individual possesses.

  • 11

    hard to say, Japanese folks tend to be overly hardworking and meticulous…

  • ilo photo

    So good! The spirit and feeling of the movement comes through amazingly without any distracting details – well done, for sure!

  • Emma C Cheppy

    Hahahaha!! Ditto!

  • Joey Duncan


  • Paul Balchin

    Fantastic; great idea and execution.

  • David Scott Walters

    I truely think this is brilliant and very creative and agree wth the other post. Funny tho, the first thing I thought was….hmmm, looks like silly putty,lol

  • Greetings

    Awesome works..

  • Neal Alan Sacheck

    what camera did he use to take 10,000 photos in that short time span????

  • Samcornwell

    These are absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful! They remind me of the countless slitscan projects. You’ve posted Metamorphose before –

  • BRBphoto

    Here’s a theory. Video, opened as layers in Photoshop, then “Auto Blend”ed?

  • YourFactChecker

    optimal as compared to what? never mind, i really do not want to know anymore about what you think.

  • DTecMeister

    This could be combined with varying the light source color over time for even cooler results.

  • dingbat

    How we appear to creatures with a different, more slurred sense of time. If we can just keep moving!

  • Andromaco

    One of the earliest films ever, a hand-colored one by Edison depicting a girl dancing with a very particular dress on, shows a quite simmilar-looking result.

  • Isabel Radi

    Es una genialidad!!! BellĂ­simas!!!!!!