Win $500 Worth of Photography-Inspired T-Shirts from Dodge & Burn

Want to proudly proclaim your love of photography with the clothes you wear? This week we’re giving away a massive $500 gift certificate to Dodge & Burn, a T-shirt brand for photographers that prints stylish camera designs on high-quality shirts. The shirts normally retail for $29 each, so this prize is worth 17 shirts — enough to wear a different camera shirt every day for two-and-a-half weeks!

This giveaway will be done through Facebook using the simple sweepstakes app we’ve been using. Entering is super easy. Here’s how:

#1: Make Sure You’re a Fan

This giveaway is open to fans of our Facebook page. If you aren’t one, simply click “Like” below:

#2: Enter the Giveaway

Visit the contest page on Facebook or use the form below (reload this page if you had to do Step #1). We’re asking that you enter your email address so that we can contact you if you win. The email won’t be used for any other purpose:

#3 (Optional): Reenter and/or Share for More Entries!

You may enter this giveaway once a day for a new entry each time. Once you enter the contest, you’ll also be given a special link to it. Every time someone enters the contest through your special link, you’ll be given another two additional entries and a much better chance to win the prize!

Rules & Details

This contest will end on October 15th, 2012, and a winner will be selected randomly from all the entries.

The giveaway is open to readers outside the US as well, and shipping will be free!

Please note that D+B may not have all shirts and in all sizes available when you win, so you’ll have to choose from what’s available at the time — the company will do its best to ensure that the shirts you want are in stock. The shipping is free for one batch, so it’s best to order all 17 of your shirts at one time. If a particular shirt isn’t available, the D+B will be happy to send it as soon as it’s restocked.

Good luck!

A big thanks to Dodge & Burn for providing the prizes for this giveaway!

  • Dan Ballard

    Love that Rollie top right.

  • do

    A contest to gain imprinted underwear is that right?

  • Vladimir Byazrov Photographer

    This is what I call giveaway. I love t-shirts with cameras. Good luck to me!)

  • ggervais

    Does it come in Voigtlander?

  • HungLau

    It’s pretty odd, every time I share a Petapixel comp on my wall, the link will only ever link to, not even this post :S

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm. That is strange. What link are you entering into Facebook?

  • Anatole

    It’s the 3rd or 4th petapixel giveaway I enter… But I’ve never saw any “result post”… Do they exist?

  • Michael Zhang

    Yeah, the giveaway post on this blog is updated with the name of the winner(s) after the contest is over. We don’t write up a new post or send the news out through social media channels because we feel like it’s more spammy.

  • Hunglau

    Sorry for the delay, I ‘liked’ the FB page awhile back, so I see these comps and simply hit the share button in the 3rd step.

  • Marlon Hermosura

    Thank you PETAPIXEL! YIPEE!