How to Photograph Yourself With a Loved One if You’re Forever Alone

If you’re forever alone and want to photograph yourself locked in a warm embrace in a doorway, check out this article by Japanese website Daily Portal — one of the strangest photography tutorials we’ve ever seen.

The author’s big idea involves using a wig on one hand, some nail polish on the other, a camera on a tripod, and a carefully chosen doorway for an illusion of warmth and love. Be careful though: he warns that if you choose the wrong angle, it “becomes a stupid photo.”

Thankfully, the tutorial appears to be a tongue-in-cheek article written for amusement, so you don’t need to feel too sorry for (or creeped out by) the author.

The step-by-step directions are in Japanese, but a little Google Translate magic does the trick (the photos speak for themselves though).

How to Take a Picture of Yourself Flirting with the Opposite Sex [Daily Portal via]

  • the man from delmonte

    Hmm, this guy needs to get out more….or just get laid ;-)

  • MikeAlgar42

    “Needs to get out” – photos show him outside… commenter is on the internet

  • Frank Martinez

    There’s no internet outside?!

  • Dave

    Well played.

  • rtfe

    very handy

  • Bermellotheke

    This is so lame… Sort of “herbivoresque” (I mean (草食(系)男子 Sōshoku(-kei) danshi, for Japan fans)

  • Bing

    That is soooo creepy!