A Handy Guide to Not Sucking So Bad on Instagram

New York City-based filmmaker Casey Neistat has strong opinions on social networks and how they should be used. His favorite one at the moment is Instagram, but he has a message for many of its users: “you’re doing it wrong.” The video above is his guide on how to “not suck so bad” with the photo sharing app. Don’t worry: it’s not about filters. (Be warned, though: there’s a bit of strong language).

You see, Instagram… it’s not about the pictures — it’s about the sharing. This is my family photo album from 1985. This album isn’t just precious because of the photography — it’s the documentation of life that makes me care. The magic of Instagram is that you get to peer into the lives of really interesting people.

As examples, he points to the Instagram accounts of rapper Rick Ross and singer Justin Bieber. While he’s a fan of both artists, Neistat says Ross is one that’s “doing it right”, as he regularly posts photos showing a ridiculous lifestyle that you don’t usually see. Bieber, on the other hand, floods his stream with photos of his own face.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Craig Anthony Swinson

    I disagree with “Bieber” doing it wrong. He’s got a very specific market, tween girls (and maybe some older creepy ladies) and his face, every day, at every angle, is EXACTLY what they want to see.
    I agree that Rick Ross is doing it right, because most of his fans actually care more about his lifestyle then say his music.
    So if you are a 30 something “film maker” in, what, lemme guess Brooklyn, NY? Maybe you are not exactly the target demographic for Bieber’s Instagram stream. Get over it.

  • Colin

    Not sure I agree with a right/wrong way to microblog. It’s just a medium to express something. If you have garbage to post, that just says a lot about you.

  • Evan

    Wasn’t this the guy that left 13K of gear in a NYC taxi cab?

  • Alice Ralph

    Agreed – although I do think it wouldn’t hurt to have more of a story to Justin Bieber’s stream… People want exclusive content, they want to see “behind the scenes”, they want to feel personally connected with somebody. If there were more Instagram pictures from backstage etc, then I think that would help him feel more accessible to his fans, rather than just a distant global megastar. Just watch how they fall over themselves to get retweeted by him on Twitter with “Justin will never notice me” tweets. Anything that helps him seem more grounded and normal to his fans I think would benefit him.

  • rpm07

    The thing is, I don’t care about your life and the way you live inspired by everything but yourself, and on the top of that, with filters that make it even less representative of the reality.

  • Manu Locke

    Nike Ad Guy strikes again

  • Jym Dyer

    Flickr does all of this better, but it’s not “new.” Wish they’d port their Android App to iOS, though.