Instasparkle Lets You Wear Instagram Photos in Wooden Jewelry Frames

Want to wear your Instagram photographs as jewelry? Instasparkle is a maker of wearable picture frames. They make necklaces, brooches, and rings that hold tiny prints, allowing you to show them off in the real world. The rings, seen above, hold .75x.75-inch prints.

Here are a couple sample necklaces, which measure 2×2-inches and hold 1.5×1.5-inch photos:

The brooches hold 1×1-inch photographs:

All the frames are made of lightweight wood, and each one has a unique grain pattern due to the fact that it’s assembled, stained, and sealed by hand.

Prices range from $15 for rings up to $32 for a necklace.

Instasparkle Products [Instasparkle]

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