Embracing Limitations to Drive Your Creativity

Here’s an interesting TED audition by artist Phil Hansen, who speaks on embracing limitations (both natural or artificial) in order to drive your creativity. While Hansen isn’t a photographer, many of his ideas should be very relevant to photographers looking to give their work a kick in the butt.

  • eddie

    It is a good idea, a great way to drive it in photography is to limit yourself to 1 FL prime for a month, and commit to getting at least 1 decent shot a day. working withing the boundaries of a single FL makes you learn to see in a different way.

  • Mark Curzon

    This idea is well known in the field of creativity research. More people are creative WITH constraints than without. Only exceptional people, or people in exceptional circumstances, are creative without limitations. It could be argued that creative people are good at imposing constraints upon themselves that others don’t necessarily see.
    I like Eddie’s comment. Nice one. How about making photographs without a camera at all?

  • Procentjetwintig

    How does one buy food after destroying art for a year.

  • Matt Hauer

    A definite advantage of inducing limitations is in removing the paralysis of choice. It’s as easy as shooting film ~ fixed ISO, fixed WB, particular color responses (or monochrome).
    It definitely swings more towards the ‘arteest’ side of things than ‘working photographer’, but small limitations is certainly more interesting (to me) than picking random or favorite filters with Instagram or the like.

  • eddie

    That too, when i was young and spent a lot of time in the darkroom i did whole series of photograms (I was reading about Man ray at the time :) )
    there are lots of alternatives to try out. shooting for any alternative process makes you really think as well