Glimpse Inside Chinese Factory Found on Brand New HP Laptop

Swedish YouTube user AnteboyanRox received an interesting surprise after purchasing a brand new HP laptop recently. After finding the operating system already configured, he/she discovered the above video sitting inside the “My Documents” folder. Apparently an assembly line worker at a factory in China was testing the laptop’s camera and then forgot to wipe it afterward. Chinese manufacturing companies are generally quite secretive, so candid videos like this one aren’t easy to come by. Last year something similar happened to camera megastore B&H.

  • spaceman

    Nice going on making this guy lose his livelihood…

  • Bummer

    Yep, probably fired after all this publicity.

  • checkmate

    Proof not EVERYTHING is made in a sweatshop

  • buddy

    i clicked on a youtube video on 9gag on my phone and this video played. but when i clicked on the video again for the bigger version, the original video played. Wtf is going on…

  • madmax

    Don´t think that guy is going to be fired nor the video has been found by chance. It´s a proof of growing quality control in China and good working environment.

  • AJ

    The only thing he’ll get fired for is testing the same computer for 3:22 mins. See how fast the women in the background has to work. He doesn’t look like he knows what he’s doing.