More Leaked Photos of the Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera

Here are some more leaked photos of Canon’s upcoming mirrorless camera (here’s our post from earlier today). Canon Rumors published a couple covertly taken photos of the camera, while Canon Price Watch released a bunch of new product shots. These images confirm that the first leaked photo wasn’t some Photoshop job that had us all fooled.

Here’s a shot of the 22mm lens that shows a new kind of lens cap by Canon. It features a center-pinch style that differs from the edge-pinch that Canon has stuck with up to this point:

A bunch of new product shots that shows the camera from all angles (does that screen look like it swivels to you?):

Do you notice anything interesting about the camera from these photographs?

We’ll compile a list of interesting observations about the camera here:

  • The lack of a mode dial suggests that it’s not geared towards manual controls (thx shiro21)
  • The sparse interface suggests the LCD screen might be a touchscreen
  • For some reason both the left and the right mics appear to be on the left (thx Wouter)

(via Canon Rumors and Canon Price Watch)

  • Wouter

    Well, first thing I notice is the left and right mic are both on the left.

  • james atkinson

    With this pancake on it doesn’t look much less ‘pocketable’ than the S100 but the stereo mic spread isn’t what you’d call wide

  • joushikijin

    That is not an APC sized sensor!

  • shiro21

    The screen appears fixed. The lack of any dial suggests minimal manual control and/or menu/touchscreen driven control,

  • CowboyOperator

    Hmm. I do hope that this is the rumoured consumer version, and that there will indeed be a ‘pro’ Canon mirrorless. I love my GF1, but I would be genuinely tempted if there was a prosumer Canon mirrorless that let me use my existing lenses with an adapter. If they can bring something out along the lines of a GX1/OMD EM5 then I’d be sold, as it is this one doesn’t look like it will be enough for me to swap my GF1.

  • Patrick Magee

    It looks like all the control will be by touch. There are only three states of the “Mode” selection, no “wheels” to control much of anything. It will be interesting to follow the response to the unveiling of the user interface.

  • DAKM

    Very simple looking! where is all the bells and whistles?

  • Adelle Lumalang

    no viewfinder??

  • Neoracer Xox

    Its mirrorless? What does that mean to me?

  • JF Machado

    No pop-up flash; no front dial.

  • Ray Escamilla

    Like the Nikon v1, no built-in flash.

  • t_linn

    No optical viewfinder. Smaller form factor.

  • Matt

    It’s got a hot shoe. The flash situation has kept me from biting on a Sony NEX camera.

  • Persio Pucci

    I don’t see whywould it be touchscreen, it has the same amount of buttons as regulas p&s

  • t_linn

    I’m not sure about that. The lens takes a 43mm filter. That makes me think this is the size of a G1 X.

  • Radovan Rasho Pavlic

    They usually have Mpix count written all over the thing, not here…strange, do they want us to guess the sensor size/mpix number?

  • guy

    no built in flash

  • James Wang

    Both being on the left doesn’t matter too much though right [it’s probably better]?
    Stereo sound just allows the sound appear from either the right or left, so if anything, it’s just that the spacing of the mic’s aren’t far enough apart.
    At the same time, if they are both on the left, it means that your hand will be less likely to cover one [the right], and have muffled sound.

  • Andrew Buckley

    if this has been ‘leaked’ then the quality of some of the pics suggests to me that it was canon themselves … if it is, then they are too late for the party

  • JamooseW

    The mount itself has 9 pins/contacts instead of 8 [usually a gap 3 – 5]
    Whole mount seems offset by maybe 10-15 degrees, don’t know what that is all about.

    Looks like it’s about the same size as APS-C [comparing to a Rebel XT], which is a good sign, might as well cross fingers that it is completely backwards compatible, just like the EF-S mount. <- I'd be sold on that.

  • Zta

    Leak, leak, leak! Soon the official press release will leak, and eventually the camera too! And it’s all out of Canon’s hands! Oh, the mystery and hype!

  • Zta

    Center-pinch! About time!

  • Zta

    Why a new, third EF mount? Is it EF-compatible so that the camera can take normal EF lenses?

  • Joakim

    Probably will, by means of an adapter. You see the small white spot in the lens mount. If it were out-of-the-box compatible with EF lenses there would be the ol’ red spot there as well.

  • Mute

    I assume it’s Canon too, there’s a pattern history of ‘leaks’ before launches, but there will be many companies and organisations out there who have been supplied high quality images of the camera by Canon who could also have leaked them.

  • Mute

    That will be part of the marketing, no reason for it to be permanently emblazoned on the camera body, they only do that for consumer compacts where that kind of thing is important (even though it isn’t). If anything that hopefully means it will be aimed at enthusiasts with decent manual controls and options.

  • Mute

    It’s mirrorless, apparently, so it would have to be an EVF if they had one.

  • Mute


  • Neoracer Xox

    Ah ok but..I kinda like my viewfinder? So they’re gonna go bye bye?:(

  • t_linn

    No *optical* viewfinder. Some have EVF’s. Most are pretty bad if you’re used to a good optical viewfinder but they’re getting better and some are very good. Sony’s NEX-7 has a very nice EVF.

  • Serhan Oksay

    a compact with an interchangeable lens so this is it?

  • Eric

    Given the lack of manual controllability, it looks like Canon’s equivalent of about a GF3. It’s got a more-minimal interface than the GX1, but at least has a hot shoe.

  • James

    I did a bit of measuring in photoshop- knowing the filter ring size (43mm) and the size of the hot-shoe on the g-12 which I would think would be the exact same on both models you can estimate the dimensions of the body.

    I think it is quite a bit smaller than the G1 X, smaller even than the G-12 and only slightly larger than the S-100.

    My guess for dimensions would be roughly: 100mm long x 65 mm tall x 30 mm deep (not including the lens).

  • James

    It very clearly has the meter adjustment +/- button on the right side of the scroll wheel. This would indicate to me that it has full manual adjustments. In M mode you would click the +/- button and rotate the scroll wheel to dial in shutter speed, click it again to switch to aperture and scroll the wheel to adjust.

    Not as nice as having the front ring as on the S-100 and the scroll wheel on the back to do both at once. Keep in mind on Rebels they have that same button to toggle between the aperture and shutter speed.

    Who wants to guess a price?

  • Terrance Lam

    A good possibility as the T4i has that feature. It’s no secret that Canon and Apple have a strategic partnership, so I suspect they are licensing that for their transmissive touch-screens including some iOS features like center-pinch.