Canon Offers On-Camera Tutorials That You Watch on Your DSLR Screen

Want to learn more about your Canon DSLR without leaving the comfort of its LCD screen? Canon has a series of “on-camera tutorials” that you can load and watch on most of its latest DSLR models. The video tutorials, which cover everything from AF modes to multiple exposure shooting, are meant to be loaded onto memory cards and viewed on-the-go using your camera itself. To find your camera’s tutorials, find and click its model on this products page, and then select “On-Camera Tutorials” at the top. Be warned though: the downloads weigh in at over 150MB each.

Canon Photography Products (via United By Photography)

  • Libby Stack

    I find this to be hysterically funny ;-) So much for talent and skill..

  • Mark

    Damn I could have used this on my D4 when I was asked to shoot the portraits for the Olympics. Damned smart cameras can’t get here soon enough–then one day my photographs will be good.

  • rtfe

    is season 3 of “The Jefferson’s” available as well?

  • Steven Alan

    It’s too teach you specific things about your camera… Not teach you how to shoot. Do you guys even read the article or just the title?