Smashing Booth: A Photo Booth that Shatters and Snaps Objects

The “Smashing Booth” is a contraption that shatters objects and snaps photographs at the moment of impact. It was created by designer Henrietta Jadin, who created it as part of a school project titled “Breaking Point.” The wooden device catapults an object at the back wall of its box, and a photo is captured by an open shutter, sound sensor (made from an Arduino controller), and strobe.

You can find some “making of” photos and resulting images over on Jadin’s blog.

Smashing Booth (via ISO 1200 via PopPhoto)

Image credits: Photographs by Henrietta Jadin

  • ArieLex

    Hmm, good idea, but slightly disappointing images. I was expecting something more spectacular…

  • kendon

    pretty lame. the sound trigger is the only interesting part of it, just throwing stuff on the ground would produce fare more interesting images…