Stop Motion Music Video Featuring 500+ Girls Holding iPads

Orrin Hastings spent three months creating this stop-motion music video for the song “This Man’s Brighter Days” by abe&tell. He roamed the streets of Sydney asking 500+ girls to hold up an iPad containing one still frame extracted from a video. Played back, the stop motion contains a video-within-a-video. The concept is very similar to the J.Views video we shared a couple months back, except that one used actual prints.

  • Slash_Cynic

    Wow seriously?

  • N1ght Crawler

    They say the ipad did show a video, didn’t see it..

  • Marc

    How hot are Sydney girls? Certainly better watching them than listening to the average song attached.

  • Rob S

    there was an iPad?

  • LadyDeathstrike

    SEXISM is merely exploitation and mind washing techniques-Lets go ahead and replace the 500+ girls with 500+men??

  • br

    good excuse to approach 500 attractive women