How Canon Camera Gear is Made

Here’s a promotional/educational video by Canon that explains both how digital cameras work and how it manufactures them. Interesting fact: lenses are so precise that if they were to be enlarged to the size of a sports stadium, the margin of error would be less than the thickness of a business card.

  • t_linn

    I think it would be more accurate to say that the shape of individual lens elements are so precise…etc. That still leaves the challenge of lens element alignment—part of the reason some copies of a lens are better than others.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    The prison uniforms are a little strange though (^_^)

  • salukijim

    they left out the part about putting allergy-inducing rubber on the handles (see t4i) :D

  • mui

    why the staff wear like this
    and it is a setup video

  • Gerrald

    You know that some copies of a lens are better than others for a fact or are you repeating inaccurate information you have read on the net?

  • alberto

    I was curious to see how a red ring can increase the sharpness and the price of the lens – but i guess, it’s Canon’s deep secret. My guess, the red ring is an ancient magical symbol which increase the superiority of the wearer – similar one as worn by heroes in warcraft.

  • Andrew

    You obviously dont own any L series lenses,save your pocket money up and compare the results on build quality,sharpness and weather sealing for a start…

  • jmvdigital

    I for one know this to be true from personal experience, with multiple Canon lenses, with multiple copies of each, on the same body in side-by-side photo comparisons. YMMV. Troll on.

  • DBrewster

    Thanks for the link, it is a great geeky read.

  • Mr.JC

    You must of missed the part where he was talking about fluorite crystal elements. Don’t worry champ, one day you’ll learn.

  • t_linn

    You bet. Roger is one of the most informative and entertaining bloggers on the web. He’s in a unique position in that he owns so many lenses and is not beholden to anyone when he shares his experiences with them. His observations about lens reliability are pretty interesting too. You can’t find that anywhere else (that I’m aware of).

  • alberto

    It’s a joke obviously. Chill :)
    I agree with everything you’ve said, the 70-200L, 50L, 85L are really impressive.
    Yes, I don’t have any L lenses, I only have the gold ring lenses :)

  • Mr.JC

    don’t forget the 135L f/2, Now that’s a lens porn.

  • Wouter Lievens

    They operate in a Clean Room. This is absolutely necessary, because dust particles could contaminate the sensor (or sensitive electronics) which would degrade performance of the camera. Even a relatively small particle in front of the sensor or lens would show up in a photograph.