Art Wolfe on Photographical “Treasures” and the Rarity of Truly Meaningful Photos

Here’s a great, short video by nature and culture photographer Art Wolfe in which he talks about his journey as a photographer, the artists from which he still sometimes draws his inspiration, and finding those photographical treasures that are all around us. Even if you just watch it for the examples of his work, the video should give you that dose of inspiration we all need from time to time.

Intro by Art Wolfe (via Fstoppers)

  • Mark Marogil

    Not to be a dick, but at the 1:00 timestamp when he’s talking, the camera is focused on the background, and keeps being focused on the background until the next fade :P

  • Benicio Murray

    ‘style choice’ :P

  • Alan Dove

    “Not to be a dick…”

    And yet…

  • Art Wolfe

    So far just 2 seasons of the show. Hopefully you will see more from me on PBS though! Travels to the Edge was produced through APT, which is probably why they don’t have it on DL are available for purchase on as well as DVDs from my store, OPB, or Amazon…