Reuters to Use Robotic DSLR Cameras for Olympic Coverage

Sports photographers use a variety of techniques and gear to shoot from different angles that are less accessible to the photographers during action: wirelessly triggered cameras mounted behind backboards, perched on overhead catwalks, clamped on the ground. Reuters photographers Fabrizio Bensch and Pawel Kopczynski decided to take the technology of remote photography to another level for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics with robotic cameras.

In addition to taking and transmitting photos wirelessly, the robotic cameras allow photographers to control camera movement and lens zoom with a joystick. While the photographer is not physically present behind the camera, he still controls the shot remotely. This is no spray-and-pray or automated system.

The new gear has already gotten a test run at the World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea and at the world indoor athletics championships in Istanbul, Bensch wrote on the Reuters Photographers Blog.

Reuters will debut robotic cameras designed for the elevated roof position in London for the 2012 Olympics.

Robo-cams go for Olympic gold [Reuters]

  • Nathaniel Dodson

    This looks pretty awesome! Would how fast they can turn to capture something unexpected? I’ll be interested to see how the photos turn out using these systems though.

  • Russ Catalano

    100000% sports stock photographer approved. They will get the photos off of these set ups and be selling them in minutes, one man shoots while another uploads and sorts, no more unloading memory cards and passing to the guy next in line to run and upload.

  • Alex Kris K Vich

    Apparently they use Canon :)

  • TSY87

    huh, looks like the 1dx is already out for some people! anyone know what lens that is? looks like a beefy prime…

  • Vi @ Travel Tips

    I think they are using wireless image transmission for ages, but before they need a man to control camera at the field.

  • Jon

    Cool and sad at the same time. Won’t/don’t need as many talented/experienced still photographers as before. Can’t stop technology advances. Still shooters going the way of the studio camera operators, replaced by robo-cams. And the robo-technology will only get better.

  • aa

    I was told that u can’t use radio triggers and image transmitters for Olympics 2012

  • mike the photographer

    is the DSLR restriction on the public at the olimpics more to do with this new equipment and that a photographer standing looking at the action may get a better shot than some one shooting a PC screen in an office?????? it won’t be long before you need a licence to own a DSLR in a public place

  • Vaughn Shaw

    Canon is pictured in these photos, but i’ve read other articles that picture nikon cameras in use with these robotics.