Achievement Unlocked: LevelUp Turns Learning Photoshop into a Game

Video game developers have learned over the years that socially-shared achievements are a great way to encourage beginners to learn new tasks. Taking a page from their book, Adobe has a neat new game called LevelUp that encourages Photoshop learning using the same tricks. Available for CS5 and above, the extension encourages exploration and assigns missions to introduce features and tools that player might never have seen before. Tasks include removing redeye, whitening teeth, and replacing the colors in a photo.

Successfully completing the tasks earns you points and badges that can be shared through the game’s website. Points also enter you into regular drawings for such prizes as Creative Cloud memberships and Amazon gift certificates. To play you’ll need to act soon: the game will only run until July 15th.

LevelUp for Photoshop (via John Nack)

Image credits: Screenshots by Gamification

  • Jeremy Madore

    I’m no lawyer, but this seems awfully similar to the business model of the company LevelUpĀ®. Naming aside, the model is “use the software, earn points, redeem points for prize” only in this case, it’s a lottery system. I’m not saying LevelUp came up with this reward idea, but the combined name and model make this look iffy legally.

    I like the idea, don’t get me wrong… but seems too copycat in my book.

  • alejandro t.

    except it’s nothing like LevelUp, the mobile payment service. one is a training tool for Photoshop, the other is a standalone application and service that you pay vendors and services through. Totally unrelated. And if earning points and redeeming them for things is copyrighted by one company, then I can assume that my American Express card will be in jeopardy quite soon.

  • alejandro t.

    i love this concept and i found it really well executed, however, i think there needs to be more than 12 lessons. i learned some new things, honestly, from the project, but I went through the supplied lessons quite rapidly. Hoping they’ll add some more soon (or on July 15th).

  • kaesimwe

    The idea of applying concepts that have typically been employed in video games in fields such as education, social networking and others has long been established. I can see where you’re coming from however if LevelUp or a similar company where to attempt to file suit, I am not a lawyer but I do not believe anyone has copyrighted the concepts of “leveling up”, “earning points” or “rewards” just yet.

  • Sam Chua

    I’d rather Photoshop stay difficult and inscrutable