Astronaut Don Pettit Floating with His Huge Camera Collection on the ISS

Ever wonder what camera gear NASA astronaut Don Pettit uses to shoot his amazing photographs from the International Space Station? Here’s a portrait of Don floating around on with his massive collection of Nikon DSLRs and lenses. How much of the gear can you identify?

(via OnOrbit)

Thanks for sending in the tip, Zach!

Image credit: Photograph by NASA

  • CSpencer
  • Haris

     Space Station Re-Entry ????? lol

  • Jan Edward Vogels

    The photos are all collected in a huge NASA public domain photo archive. I made this video using 5760 of those images:

  • asdffasdfsa

    Those are FAST lenses. How many km/s? ;)

  • BriggsBrandon

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  • RCB

    I had a Nikon, it was awful, switched to a Pentax, MUCH better!

  • Luke Hermann

     Remind me to never buy a used lens from you.

  • Tech support


  • tsol

    No Hasselblads?

  • Hollie14

    How can this turn into a Canon vs Nikon war… get over yourselves ! Like it makes you a better person or photographer! Lets face it neither of them have a 100% track record and if anything you’re not worth jack as a photographer if you just buy a camera because of it’s name and not it’s capabilities…


  • yo

    don pettit coulda helped the photographer adjust his photo so not so blue and not so flat. snap it up dude!!

  • Andrew Hollywood

    Did fast focusing scare you?

  • RCB

    No, zero internal focus on the D5000 scared me.

  • Mike M

    Apparently posting a link requires moderation so I dunno if my other post will go through, it’s a 400 f2.8 AF-I, other sites have run previous articles about the photography being done up there and there’s a side view of what is clearly the same lens (with the large sticker or whatever on the front of the barrel).