How to Photograph Complete Strangers

Portland-based photographer Jimmy Hickey made this helpful video in which he shares how he goes about shooting portraits of complete strangers he meets during his travels both overseas and on his local streets. He has some great tips that you can easily apply to your own street/documentary photography.

  • HeathHenry

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  • Kdpurdy

    Thanks for sharing your experience, great video. Do you ever ask your subjects to sign a model release?

  • C Rusanowsky

    Really dont think you need to ask for a model release

  • CrackedButter

    Expensive pen holder, but such great advice thank you. 

  • Jimmyhickey

    Ooh good call, I completely forgot to mention that if the photos are just for personal use its no biggie, but its still a good call to get a model release. I use my iPad with easy release to handle all of my model releases now.

  • Benicio Murray

    “100 Strangers” represent!

  • Brent Schmidt

    Yes, very interesting choice for a pen holder, lol… I’m guessing/hoping it’s an old broke camera? 

  • Patricia S. Berrios

    I’m guessing/hoping it’s an old broke camera?

  • Mary Smith

    I love shooting people on the streets but I prefer doing it candidly to get a real sense of the persons mood.

  • Kurt Langer

    Cool guy cool chat cool style! I wouldnt mind at all letting him take my picture. Think a few of us will learn something from this.

  • Ivailo Bardarov

    Nice! thanks for sharing

  • Aaron Weiss

    Thanks so much for the video! Very inspiring, and I love the portraits on display;) Kudos for passing on the knowledge!

  • Philip Rogan

    Great work Jimmy  thanks!

  • Guest

    if the image goes viral and I never wanted the photo to go public–or I didn’t know the photo existed–I’d be pissed. last time I was in the city, some jackass stuck their camera in my face with a continuous shutter. 

  • Sergej Xarkonnen

    its cool, but too complicated for me. so I use more easy method: 1) see person; 2) take my phone; 3) shoot person. voila! ;-)

  • Jethro Q Walrustitty.

    Conversating? Is that a word? I can’t tell anymore….

  • Monty Greene

    Great Video. My problem is most of the people I want to photograph don’t speak English. I live in Dubai, UAE.