Canon 70D to Replace the 60D and 7D, 7D MKII To Become Entry-Level Full Frame?

According to Canon Watch, reliable unnamed sources have let a few big time rumors loose regarding upcoming DSLR releases from the Japanese camera giant. The first rumor is that the 70D, which up until now was thought to be the replacement for the 60D, might in fact be replacing both the 60D and 7D. This would bring the x0D line back up to its former glory by adding professional features, increased performance and better construction.

What’s more, Canon Watch was also told that the 70D would become Canon’s top of the line APS-C camera, a spot currently held by the ultra-tough 7D. This then frees up the 7D Mark II for rumor number two: Canon Watch’s source has said that the next 7D will become the entry-level full-frame we’ve all been speculating about for some time now.

It is true that a change in sensor type within the 7D line would be, at the very least, uncharacteristic. But if the 70D is upgraded as these rumors suggest, it’s very possible the next 7D will make the jump into the world of full-frame sensors. For now we’ll keep an eye out for more info until these rumors are either confirmed or shot down at Photokina in September.

(via Canon Watch)

Image credit: Canon 60D HOW TO tutorial by jaredpolin

  • iLanDell®

    Wow. That’s even better than eyeing for the 650D. Gosh. This is going to be fun! :))

  • Jens Hamada

    canon needs to answer a D600 or they are toast.

    you don´t get customers back so easily once they have invested in lenses… and a cheap FF camera would sell like sliced bread to new customers.

  • Jesus

    what about an FF camera above the 5dmkIII and belowe the 1D line. Canon needs something to put against the Nikon d800. They have already made a bad impact with the 5dmkIII, being worse than the d800 and more expensive. The massive price of the 5dmkIII made me bought a mkII instead and wait till I get more money to be able to buy a mkIII or a new camera a bit above the mkIII

  • Shannon Morse

    Why such a confusing name??  There’s already a 7D which it will get confused for, and 70D just sounds so dumb when you say it out loud!

  • will hall

     how often did you confuse the 60D and the 600d?

  • Jens Hamada

    well i think most people should not be confused by 7D or 70D.
    at least not here in europe.. not sure about public education in america… lol.

  • Jens Hamada

    placed between the 5D MK3 and 1D X….????
    you want a even more expensive camera to compete with the D800? 

    canon has not the sensor technology to beat the D800 at the moment.
    so all they can do is lower the price.
    i don´t think they have a sensor up it´s sleeve right now to compete with the D800. otherwise they would have put it into the 5D MK3.

    beside that…. the 5D MK3 sales are very good.
    it´s targeting a different kind of user.
    most wedding photographers love the 5D MK3.

    but for low ISO image quality this round is going to nikon/sony.

    i only hope for a decent FF body that can compete with the D600.

  • Bigdavid

    Can’t wait for the Price Tag mkii on the new 7D mkii. Guessing at least $2,000

  • Carsten Schlipf

    If they don’t bring a entry level full frame, Canon will lose me as customer and my next camera would be a Nikon D600 – given that the rumors on the D600 are true.

  • timaaaaaah!

    If the 7DMK2 is full frame, what would be the point of the 5DMK3?

  • Crystal R. Pace

    given that the rumors on the D600 are true.

  • Suman0102

     haha. I’m an American and even that made me smile! :)
    More ppl needs to get PhDs around here!

  • Roger Coelho

    I am hoping $2,000. But I would not be shocked if it were $2,500. That would still put it about the 5Dmk2 and $1,000 below the mk3. 

  • 9inchnail

    To get customers back, you have to lose them first. And as you said, you don’t change your system if you already have invested in lenses. In other words: Canon won’t lose anything. No one wants to start from scratch and buy a new camera and 3-4 new lenses.

  • Seriesrover2

    True, but if you’re going from Crop to FF, many will be starting from scratch (in terms of lenses) anyway since they can’t use their EF-S lenses on FF.  Now granted those lenses aren’t expensive, and like myself, others use EF lenses on a crop camera too…would be interesting to see the breakdown of EF mount on Crop cameras.

    But generally if you’re looking to go FF from crop there’s not that much that you have invested that you can reuse – you might as well sell your existing Crop system and put it towards your FF investment.

  • Miki

    I had only EF lenses on crop, and switching to another FF brand would be a waste of money =(

  • BadTog

    Based on your name, I assume you are a woman. It’s alright to get confused. Let your brain process it for a few more hours. :)

  • talkingtojosh

    this sounds awesome. they’re going to have to try and limit the features of the camera somehow so that it doesn’t outsell the 5DMK3…

  • guest

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  • Michael Godek

    i think this sounds great!! I’ve always felt like the 7D belonged in the same arena as the 5D (and not just b/c of the name)

  • Rima Malvankar

    oh no .. i recently bought 7D .. i should have waited :(

  • Paul

    For a T4i / 650D product-specific stream of sample videos, daily news and discussion:


  • Corbyn

    PhD? Is that a new type of camera? :D

  • kendon

     which part of “entry-level” do you not understand?

  • Jesus

    the pricing in canon now is all wrong. What do they plan to do as an entry level FF. An 18mp? Opposed to probably a 20-22mp Nikon D600. But the mp count is the least of their problems. Dynamic range and iso performance are the weakest now. In the end I would like to see a pro camera without the probody.

  • austintommy

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  • thejudeman

    If its all true then the prices of 2nd hand FF cameras will drop significantly lower. Perfect! I need to make the big leap of getting a FF body since I have long outgrown my nifty 500D but not to the point of selling it to finance for a FF body.

  • James F. Reilly

    Burn in hell.

  • Mukurob

    And you took how many days to construct that little statement? Small, small man with a big, big camera?

  • James

    I wonder what the price tag will be on the 70D then.

  • xMrSpeed8730

    its just a stupid move from Canon -_- !!!

  • Ravi Teja

    Are you happy with your 7d?

  • Elfren

    somebody know the price of the 70D and the release date

  • Fernando

    I will only upgrade from canon20d if they stop producing another model :)

  • Andrew

    Lolz :P

  • Charles Dana Blatner

    If you have L lens like myself your not going to buy a Nikon, don”t get me wrong if i had $$$ invested in Nikon Lens i wouldn”t be switching to Canon!

  • Eric Lilly

    Agreed Kendon. Since Nikon plans a d600 as an entry level full frame, then I’m sure Canon will follow suit.

  • Eric Lilly

    I think it would actually be a great idea having the one numeral canons as full frame, the double digits as they are, and the triple digits as entry level SLRs.

  • as st

    don’t be unsure about public education here in America -apparently your western european country was stupid enough to join the EU and subsequently bankrupted themselves. Perhaps simple mathematics eluded your contry’s public eductaional system. Ha ha, joke’s on you.

  • wendy

    which part of chillax don’t You understand

  • davealley

    Nikon seems a step ahead of Canon and leans more towards the affordable side, without compromising performance. I’m seeing a trend here, maybe I’ll be making the switch to Nikon when I see an actual price tag for the D600, 1,500 looks nice.

  • Riley – NZL

    With the 6D just been announced I can’t see canon releasing another low end Full frame? Maybe a revival of the 1.3x crop for the 7D mk11?

  • Photophil68


  • Rayna Ramsay

    Entry level full frame? I thought that was what the 6D was…. the entry level full frame? I don’t think it is likley they will release another entry level full frame… Defeats the purpouse.

  • avidcanonuser

    Turns out to be a T4I replacement, wth? Who wanted an upgrade to the T4I, I have been anxiously awaiting the 60D upgrade (70D) to find out today it’s two cameras I could care less about….WOW, what a let down!

  • Radha Krishna

    welll said….and if u look closesly there is no camera to beat 7d in crop sensor cameras and 1dx in full frame……and 7d being 3 years old still it holds the market…..just imagine when the 7d mark 2 releases, where will nikon hide

  • Radha Krishna

    no issue bro, 7d is always a champion………even after a decade from now….i wont hesitate to buy 7d…….

  • Jen

    The way Canon has built their system: the lower the number, the more “professional” the camera. The 7D was already 3 years old by the time the 6D came around. If they had any intention of shoving a full frame into the 7D line, they’d have done it by now.The line between the DSLRs is meant to be continuous, with increasing steps in more “professional” features and prices. They’re not going to start sliding full frame into anything lower than a 6D.