Warning: Older Nikon Software May Corrupt RAW Files

If you use older versions of Nikon’s ViewNX or Transfer software listen up, because Nikon Europe has issued a warning that applies directly to you. RAW images captured using an unsupported Nikon DSLR and transferred, viewed, or edited using earlier versions of either of those programs can become corrupted by the software.

There really isn’t a workaround, if you’re using versions 1.x of ViewNX or Nikon Transfer you’ll have to update to ViewNX 2 (which includes Nikon Transfer 2). Just make sure you’re using a version that is compatible with your SLR and you should be fine.

(via The Digital Picture)

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  • Brick Yang

    I don’t think nikon europe can post any public information…

  • ga1n

    Nikon sucks at workflow. Please leave it to Aperture and Lightroom please. 

  • Rudy Heymen

    CaptureNX beats Aperture and Lightroom hands down in speed and quality!!!!