Moby on Photographing LA Architecture

In addition to being an internationally successful musician, Moby is also an avid photographer. He began shooting photos at the age of 10, and has since held numerous exhibitions around the world and published a photo book titled “Destroyed” (a title it shares with an album released at the same time). In the video above, Moby talks about his passion for shooting architectural photographs in Los Angeles, and also the photoblog he maintains through which he shares his work.

(via Doobybrain)

  • rtfe

    daaaang, he got old

  • yoda

    Well. I don’t want to sound mean but just because can publish his own photo book, has the connections to organize exhibitions and the name to promote his work this doesn’t necessarily make him a noteworthy photographer. 
    A lot of his photos are like snapshots. Plus, a teacher I had used to say that taking pictures of other artwork is not making art. That is, not unless you make your contribution (via framing, lighting etc.)   

  • branden rio

    I’m tired of reading “snapshot” used as a pejorative. If someone set out with artistic intent, the photo cannot be a “snapshot” no matter how poor you think their vision is realized. “Snapshot” status depends entirely on the photographer’s intent, not the composition or technical merits of the photo. 

    Also, architecture photography is an ancient (by photography’s terms) and well respected genre. 

    I am equally suspect of any artist using their fame in one art to promote their works in other unrelated art, but being suspicious is not the same thing as being closed-minded.

  • Gavin Stokes

    Either way its pretty boring stuff.

  • guest

    Moby: “and i might be the only person in the world who loves empty parking lots.”
    Flickr: “q=empty+parking+lot”

  • Mansgame

    I like Moby, but the pictures he has are not compelling at all. On top of that, he’s being kind of a jerk by going around taking pictures of people’s houses when they clearly are upset by it. 

    He of course has every right to take all the snapshots that he wants, but if it were not for his fame in music (and I use that word loosely), I don’t think his flat pictures would stand on their own.  At best, he is just displaying a xerox copy of the works of other people – namely the architects without adding any of his own style….sorry, black and white for the sake of black and white is not a style – it’s an instagram filter.

  • ZamoraBeverly26

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  • Josephine E. Segura

     the sake of black and white is not a style – it’s an instagram

  • yoda

    Sorry, I think the other commenters here more or less agree with what I just said. “Boring stuff”, “Not compelling”, “Snapshots” (again), using his “fame”.   
    And yes, non – “snapshot” status needs to be backed up by a photo’s merits. That is, unless it is a deliberate effect by an otherwise mastered photographer. 
    Intent. What about an 18-year old “intending” to create art when he doesn’t have the talent for it. Is that still art ?   
    Architecture Photography. My point was that you have to contribute something (framing, lighting), in order to create art. And to my knowledge, most good architecture photographers do that. So that’s art. Then again, if you don’t contribute, then there’s no art. It can still be Architecture Photography. Just not the kind you’d go to an exhibition to watch. Well, maybe if it’s moby’s. 

  • Jake

    Actually, I must say that if you look at his photos in his book, Destroyed, he has some pretty good stuff and a cool style that fits well with his album of the same name (with which it was paired).

  • Steve Krause

    There’s just something magical about them…… ;)

  • AJ

    Kinda like numerous celebrity actors who suddenly have a rock band:
    -Kevin Bacon
    -Jared Leto
    -Keanu Reeves
    -Billy Bob Thorton

    That’s just off the top of my head……