Photo Editing App Snapseed is Apple’s Free App of the Week

Looking for a solid photo editing app for your iPhone or iPad? Snapseed, an acclaimed photo editing app for iOS, has been selected as Apple’s free app of the week. Apple kicked off the program last week, so this is only the second app to be featured. It ordinarily costs $5.

Snapseed [iTunes App Store]

  • Obican

    I’ve just bought it yesterday! 

    Still, definitely worth the money.

  • Henrik Sivertsen

    By far the best image processing app on AppStore. I’ve used it for 4 months, and I love it! It works a lot like Nik Software’s plugins for Photoshop (same developer).

  • Scott Huck

    Makes me laugh that Snapseed was $5, then free for a short time … now is a mere $19.99 on App Store. They are trying to make up for all they gave away. FAIL!

  • iAwani

    i totally agree this app worth my money. it is a good investment indeed.