Every Instagram Filter on One Photo

What do you get if you apply every Instagram filter to a single photograph? Belgian blog Appelogen decided to find out, starting with a normal photo of a pathway and applying one filter at a time. The resulting image is pretty abstract, and prompted them to ask the question, “is it art?”

Instagram experiment: all filters on a photo [Appelogen]

  • JohnONolan

    Not art.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    not particularly innovative, definitely not art – but then who am I to say that? I’m sure there’s someone who thinks it is art… 

  • michaelp42

    Is it art?  Is it b…..ks!

  • Earl Brooks

    dogs bollocks it is :) however Kandinsky and his circles are considered art too… 

  • Jeannine

    I hate instagram with the fire of a thousand suns. 

  • jonathanjk

    Art is in the context.

  • Printtheshadows

    No. Not innovative.  I’ve done this simply out of boredom.

  • Ramsay MacFarlane

    I reckon it would make a significant difference should they be applied in a different order… still doesn’t make it art. 

  • Kevin Hyatt

    If that is “Art”, then I have been an “Artist’e” since I started using the Picasa filters about ten years ago.  Would you like a link to my art collection?

  • nova

    Johnny is 5 years old and decided to find out what do you get when you use every single crayola and draw on white paper. The resulting image is pretty abstract, and prompted him to ask the question, “is it art?”

  • Flgraphics

    no.. no it’s not

  • Heyitsjordansmith

    The question is not “is it art?”… my left tennis shoe can be art.. the question to ask is, is it GOOD art?

  • Jon

    The sad thing about this world is that there is a small number of gate keepers who actually get to decide if this is art. Until one of them decides, we just hope they decide no. It’s more artistic than a lot of what you’d find in modern art museums right this minute.

  • Dave

    I know a few Instagram junkies. What they have in common is the desire to be perceived as having a creative streak, when there is no real obvious talent in their approach to photography (or anything). One in particular once actually copied a concept an artist friend of mine had recently confided in her. She pulled it off terribly, as expected but she ostracized herself from the circle she is so desperate to be a part of.

  • Jan

    Everything is art if you say it’s art, the question should be: “is it any good?”

  • Spino

    Of course it’s art. 

    Is it “good” art? Not by my definition, but art is subjective (it really, truly is!). I would kindly ask PetaPixel to stop showcasing these speculative projects. Focus on artists who aren’t simply being “artsy”, or pushing envelopes in a desperate attempt to do something solely based on its uniqueness. You’re doing nothing but riling up the photography snobs (such as myself) and diminishing the potential for us to discover some really creative talents. 

  • Zak Henry

    Your comment however, is poetry

  • ZD

    The real question here is, what is “art”?

  • Michael Godek

    everything is art if the person says it is….its just a matter of whether people agree and like it as well or not

  • 9inchnail

    But do you have to like something for it to be art? You can hate something, be totally appalled by it and it’s still art. Maybe exactly because it has this effect on you. Art is about creating emotion in people. That emotion doesn’t have to be positive.
    So maybe this picture here is art, cause I feel a wave of hate in me directed at Instagram. Good job.

  • John Stock

    Anyone using Instagram should be stoned. I now have crappy washed out, filtered to hell crap all over my social networks because of that evil. Everyone who uses it thinks they are a professional photographer too.

  • Skybase

    I find this conceptual than anything really. It’s not about the final product, it doesn’t seem to concern with the resulting aesthetics as much as the focus lies in the way the author did something. In this case, stacking up instagram filters as an experiment to see what happens. OK aside from me talking REALLY pretentious crappage, this is honestly really awesome. I mildly find this humorous just on the fact that you can add “that camera/film/analog style” on each other, which is kinda weird in its own right.

    So art or not art, I don’t know. I honestly feel by the time you choose what’s art and what’s not, you’re limited to that opinion and thought process. And I do respect that to a degree since you do need that “threshold” to determine what’s good and what’s not. But I feel sometimes I’d rather just take a seat back, relax, and enjoy something interesting happen instead of being critical with everything I see. It doesn’t have to be art to be art sometimes. 

  • CassandraW

    How much does a hipster weigh?

    – An Instagram.

  • Lars Daniel Terkelsen

    Utterly uninteresting, and slightly sad that Petapixel finds it worth writing about.

  • Skybase

    Not like petapixel forced you to read it… heh.

  • James

    “Oh you’re a photographer? I am too, what do you shoot with, Nikon, Canon?… you have an iPhone, well I guess the best camera is the one you have with you… what do you use for post, Lightroom, Photoshop? You don’t need it because you have an app?…. well you do prints right? Yes walmart is very convenient…”

  • James

    *shhh*They’re saving that article for next week, don’t give it way!

  • homopunk84 .

    Are you kidding me? I did this YEARS ago… Where is my amazing article on how much of an innovative game changer I am. This is so retarded.

  • homopunk84 .

    Art is ANYTHING that compels you to stop, and think deeply about what meaning is hidden inside it and how it connects to you personally. ANYTHING can be art… Even life.

  • homopunk84 .

    I get what he is saying tho… There are HEAPS of great photographers out there that work harder than 10 minutes on their iPhone… We should be reading articles about THEM instead.